New Gouken Asking For Tips

I don’t know where to start with this guy, I would normally just learn bread and butter and which normals are best and w/e

I am still going to learn a bread and butter, but i would love to know how you all think is the best way to learn him. I feel like i have no idea how to approach my opponents.

edit: i can’t seem to find goukens BNB, could anyone please give me a list of bnb to learn?
also, if anyone would like to hop online and show me a few things id be mighty grateful

gt: Blaziner

Start Here.

i understand theres a thread for beginners, but i would rather have a whole one to my self.

whos it hurting? its not like these forums are very active.

Good luck to you and your thread.

thanx buddy

Gouken’s main BnBs start with neutral jump FP, which leads into one of three main combos:

If you have ex meter:
nj.fp > fp > ex palm > dash forward > rh.tatsu
Notes: This is Gouken’s most damaging BnB, using only one meter, and will take about 45% life from the average character. (455 damage)

If you don’t have meter, and the opponent isn’t crouching:
nj.fp > mp > > rh.tatsu
Notes: The reason these specific normals are used are as follows - mp is used instead of fp because tatsu will not connect properly after fp. is used instead of (which would do more damage) because pushes the opponent too far away to allow tatsu to reliably connect. This combo will give you the most damage possible without using any meter. (332 damage) As noted, this combo will not work on a crouching opponent.

If you don’t have meter and the opponent is crouching, or if you simply want a very safe combo:
nj.fp > mp > cr.fp > lp.hadouken
Notes: Ending in a projectile means Gouken is completely safe on block. Lower damage than the previous two combos (273 damage), but works on crouchers as noted. MP is used because it can lead into cr.fp, which results in more damage than simply doing nj.fp > fp > lp.hadouken

Any combo that starts with neutral Jump FP -can- be performed from any hard attack jump-in, and also from a MK jump-in, but if the MK hits your opponent too high up, you will not have time to connect with FP after landing on the ground. It is more reliable to use MP instead of FP after MK jump-ins because of this.

i wasnt aware of the neutral jump thing but I watched some videos and assumed those were his bnb.

my biggest problem is learning what to do at all, i just throw fireballs and try to do the jump kick and try to hit confirm to a hp.

i have been playing this game for about more then a year and my last main was hakan which i had like 2300 pp with so i think i could handle gouken maybe, hes just so Korean to me.

lol, korean, thats a new one.

You will want to learn setups with demonkicks, options after backthrow.

Playing against another Gouken will probably help a lot.

yea, i wish i knew another gouken. I’m going to practice some forward throws safe demon kicks jump in.

We have a phonebook topic that you can browse for nearby Goukens, if you’re in Europe, I’m one of them(though I often enough play vs certain US Goukens too)

If he needs Goukens to spar with he’ll make his own thread cause he likes being important.

damn, look at this butt hurt kid. Came back, just to show how much he doesn’t like that i made my own thread.

how bout you unbunch your pantys and grow a pair.

lol welcome to the forum

What platform do you play on, Charlie?

Please don’t turn this into a mudslinging contest guys, we just don’t want the forum to drop into a mountain of player-specific threads, burying the more constructive-but-not-yet-stickied ones that EVERYONE can benefit from

Edit: or, as Reipin himself has said:

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Iam asked you to post in the pre-made thread because a lot of the questions you might have are already answered there, if it isn’t, then in the future someone else may have the same question as you and the answer will be there for them.

Keeping all the answers in one “ask a question” thread saves people from having to repeat themselves and also saves people the trouble of searching. It works out for everyone on both sides.

Making your “own” thread cause “you feel like it” isn’t going to get you help here, and let’s face it, you are asking us for help. All we asked was that you post in the proper thread.

I guarantee you had you posted in the right thread people would have helped you immediately. I know I would have given you more then a few answers as soon as I saw the post, but given how you replied to Iam when he politely asked you to post in the correct thread I think most people decided to not offer their help.

Up to you.

I try to mix up my demon kicks and j. Down mk because of the hit stun differences they’ll miss-time tech throws, and also the delayed demon kicks messes them up too, some get throw happy.

lol high road, not like you were the one to start on the low road to begin with.

I my self just didnt feel as if it was hurting anyone to make a thread for my self to help get answers quicker, now its obvious that im not really getting anywhere with this.

so w/e this thread is done, i can’t fathom why anyone would care. its not like these forums are soo popular that it would get flooded with noobies pushing down other threads.

I don’t know if this mental attitude is conducive to playing Gouken…heh. Maybe try Cody?