New Gouken Player



Hey guys, first I’ve been playing gouken seriously for the last 3 weeks and picked up alot of great mix ups with him. Although I know Im missing something so Im here looking for any great advice from any gouken player, thks









Big welcome to you, then! =)

It never hurts to have a few more Gouken players around. He needs more players representing him, so the more the merrier.

I love the videos by the way! It’s very rare that I come across Gouken mirror matches, so watching these will help give me a good idea of what to expect when it does happen. I also love your offensive style. Sometimes I instinctively play defensive because I like to be reactionary, but watching these has inspired me to take a much more aggressive stance with this guy. Good shit man!


Your Gouken is quite good. Welcome!


Dude, I’m loving your commentary :smiley:

Re: those Akuma matches:

You’re getting a little reckless with your approach so I’d perhaps suggest applying the handbrake a little and slowing things down and perhaps being more reactive. Try and remain grounded more and only jump in when you see a ripe opening to seriously punish with c.fp > c.fp > ex palm > etc. You’re losing a lot of health due largely to holes in your defence and perhaps an over-eagerness to jump in and do damage. Hold back a little and place some focus on self preservation.

Try and work on a zoning and spacing game to keep opponents at around half a screen away so you can toy with their options. If you remain grounded, remember that c.fp is an excellent anti-air that will work wonders in keeping people out of your space. Use your various fireballs and varying charge delays to further maintain your zoning game.

Remember that demon flip and EX demon flip will quickly traverse a lot of ground and allow you to offensively get in an opponent’s face from essentially any distance. This is an extremely important tool to master and is the main aspect that nullifies Gouken’s speed limitations. He is a slow character, but the demon flip’s various options compensate for that.

I think you’re doing well for someone giving the old boy a try for sure. Keep at him to build up match-up and normals knowledge. Gouken has many options and tools that help him tango with ALL characters quite well. Another piece of advice I’d recommend is that when using Gouken, whenever in doubt, just plain block. I feel this applies to him (and in some cases Akuma) more than anyone in the game. You’ll find that simply blocking and being patient will extend your rounds significantly and present opportunities to choose openings where you can severely punish. When a patient Gouken gets an opening, opponent’s feel pretty sorry for themselves.

While Gouken does have a viable offensive game, you need to be extremely well adjusted to his options and properties of normals and you still need to choose your openings carefully.


Thank you, that was useful information, after watching the fights I do notice I tend to be a bit aggressive instead of waiting for openings, I tend to try and create one, but in certain cases I guess it be best to wait and cease the opening when presented, again thk you.


Well I’m a Gouki player and I will never change my main character but I would love to use Gouken as my 2nd main and I’m just upset that he doesn’t have a SRK but I guess I should be able to get around that…any tips for a new Gouken player???


real nice gouken, dude.

I was maining gouken for a while, but went back to Guile. After watching your vids…I got all wet for gouken again…lol

I’m gonna start on him tomorrow, for sure.


Have you ever seen any of MirrorR’s videos? He posts them win or lose and makes some great comebacks. Essential viewing if you’re just starting Gouken.


OP, good shit especially being new to him. Like that heavy offense pressure a lot. I think the only thing I can really say (I only had time to watch the first one) is full screen you’d get a little predictable sometimes when you could have waited on him to move after the charged fb instead of demon flip each time. But that is not meant to knock your style whatsoever


Hey, nice videos. A couple of them are really entertaining, too. Hope to see more from you.