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This is for any new Gouken player who has a question or is looking for someone to teach them how to play Gouken.

What are some good generic mixup setups I can autopilot after a sweep or forward throw?

These are setups for safe jumps against 4 frame reversals by Phunkism. The video is from the Super days but are still applicable now. He does pay a lot of attention both to what can be done after a sweep as well as a forward throw. Hope this helps.

Whats a safe follow up after a level 1 focus.?

forward dash close standing mk xx lp palm.

gouken’s level 1 puts him at 0 frames, so you can throw immediately.

Is there a difference on hit vs on block? If I FA level 1 and it hits and I forward dash I always get tossed.

Wait the focus level 1 maybe be 0 at frames, but what about the time is takes to dash ? is still safe to go for throw or I don`t wanna get DP in between.

You generally WILL get DPed in between if you forward dash. imo there isn’t really a safe followup after a lvl 1 FA, your opponent recovers too fast unless its a crumple, and you have to dash to cancel the recovery frames or else just stand there.

Level 1 FA has 15 frames of block stun. Gouken has 16 frames in his dash. When you dash out of a FA, you dash one frame faster. That means that if you level 1 FA and then forward dash you will be dead even frame wise with the opponent at the end of your dash. If you try to throw or attack and they invincible reversal, you are eating it. Alternately, you could EX flip to do a full punish on an invincible srk (cammy excluded).

I want to know how much hit stun a level 1 focus attack has cause I always get thrown if I forward dash after hitting a level 1 FA. Can’t even tech.

gouken is frame neutral after a level 1 fadc that is blocked. ryu can’t dp you (-3) chun can’t super you (-2) and gief can’t grab if you jump (-1).

your tech timing must be off reipin. edit hold on let me check on hit for you…

yeah same results

LVL 1 FA has the same hitstun and blockstun. If you want to test record level 1 FA > Dash up > Hold jump. Then control 1p and block or don’t block the FA and hold up after the hit. If your characters are jumping at identical times its 0.

Yeah I know about on block, but if you try to throw after a blocked one and someone DPs you are eating it cause you started a throw.

I always backdash after level 1’s because when I hit with it I always get tossed if I forward dashed. Guess my timing was just off. Remember how I told you I use FA 1 a lot vs ken step kickers? I always backdash after absorbing that cause I don’t want to get thrown after but now that I know they (hot and block) are the same stun I know I am just doing it wrong. Will need to work on that in training.

Thanks M and West.

I always EX Flip if I forward dash after Lvl 1 FA.

It avoids a lot of reversals and gives you options (ambigs, GF Grab, I stay away from parry b/c of reversals gaining armor break).

But EX Flip at point blank range is a very powerful tool if used correctly.

and very risky if read

Lol… everything Gouken has is risky, I would give my left nut for a safe spammable move.

What about gouken footies? to be honest anytime I try to fight at close mid range I feel damn weak.

Depends who your opponent is.

In general, you’re looking at,, sweep,, and

st.HP can’t be forgotten in that list, while not as good on range, it’s hitbox and active frames(especially 2012’s new 5 active frames :D) can make it very powerful. It’s is Gouken’s essential Pimp hand.

Yeah i find st.HP good to punish round starter Blanka balls, Yun lunch punch.