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#147 into ex tatsu is a waste of meter. You get 50 dmg for the and 160 for the ex tatsu. So 210 vs 185 for just hk tatsu. 25 dmg for a bar + execution. Was completely worth it when it was 250 dmg. You would be better off keeping that bar for anti air ex tatsu which will do 200. into sweep is for safejump setups as mentioned by quez.


I think charging starts at frame 10, so if you charge for one frame it would be 18 frame startup.

The [8] is built into non charged balls but it seems to go like 9 + [8] if you don’t charge.


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What are Gouken’s worst match ups?

When looking at playing footsies it seems like there is this zone where Gouken wants to be, it’s just at the edge of the opponents normal range where he can throw a fireball that will be difficult to punish on reaction but also he can focus dash into a combo or c.HK for the knockdown. Am I right in thinking I want to stay in that magic zone till I see an opportunity to move in?


Worst matchups right now? Yun, Guy, Fuerte, and Akuma imo. That doesn’t mean those are all of his unfavorable matchups, those are just his worst imo.

I think the best place to be depends on who you are playing. A lot of things are going to change in 2 weeks so not sure what to tell you. Different Goukens play very differently.

My favorite zone is the one where they are farthest from me, keeping them away from me with a combination of fireballs, anti-air balls into palm, and dash EX tatsu or c.hp attacks.


You can be that zone or further out, you don’t want to get within that area unless you’ve got the momentum.
I’d say your right, if they forward jump you want to be at the right angle for a Ex Tatsu. (or Dash Ex Tatsu)

My personal worst matchupa are: Adon, Guy, Chun-li(Ultra 1), Viper.

Adon has a safe, spammable armour breaker and a great long range 2 hitting poke. (Parry and focus are not an option)
Guy has running slide and excellent high low mixup.
Chun-Li has slow projectiles (Cant palm through), air grab (Can’t demon flip), Fast as hell Ultra 1 (can’t fireball)
Viper has great cross over mixup(parries are hard even due to crossover and time delay of her move) and an armour breaking Srk-like move(no demonflipping), can ground pound on reaction to a fireball and escape the fireball afterwards.

So characters which seem to effectively nullify your moves.

EDIT oh yeah, i forgot about Akuma, and i didn’t include Yun, Yang or Fei just because.


Okay gotya, when I saw Infiltration playing Gouken at CC he seemed to adopt the kinda of stance where he was just inside poke range. But I’ve also seen other matches where he just goes into high pressure. I guess you need to recognize when you can do that and how to effectively shift momentum. Getting the hard knockdown seems to be the way to do that.


Definitely. If you can get the hard knockdown it opens up a lot of things.

Which matches did you see specifically?

Once you get the hard knockdown you can safe jump very easily with canned setups from demon flip. After that you can throw, counterhit throw with, go for and hit confirm into c.hp EX palm or if it is blocked go for a frame trap into another hard knockdown or kara throw or cancelled normal to end a block string or into a demon flip to continue pressure.


The first match I saw specifically was Infiltration vs. Bonchan(Sagat). [media=youtube]3R5BCj1x9GY[/media]

What I noticed from the match is where he stayed just outside footsie range with Sagat to take advantage of Gouken’s FA dash Sweep. Secondly he used a palm once to go through a fireball after an empty jump, and that he only used Kongo once to blow up one of Bonchan’s wakeup games after getting a knockdown on Gouken.

It was a very conservative style.

The second style are two online matches where it’s Infiltration vs a Seth [media=youtube]GMIf-D1Z-_4[/media]

where he basically put on some pressure. Once he got the knockdown he used demon flip + dive kick safe jumps. Also noted was the use of Denjin Ultra, which I think is a teleport OS. Basically Seth lost because he touched a button and lost to the safe jump dive kick and got blown up for his trouble.

The second is Infiltration vs a Makoto, a more balanced but offensive style. [media=youtube]RxPGz7lYgCQ[/media]

I saw the level 1 FA dash into Back throw, that was very nice. But he basically would keep Makoto out for a bit and punish Makoto in the way in, which is either Dash or Axe kick both of which you can read easily and react to with Sweep or block respectively. Getting the knockdown for Gouken here is important due to Makoto’s lack of good wakeup options.


I might be herpin’ a derp here but I was interested in learning Gouken(I pretty much only know Sakura), but after looking through this section I can’t find a combo thread with his normal BnB strings. Am I just totally missing it somewhere?


Nope, you’re not missing it.

The old thread was from Vanilla and a lot has changed since then. And now a lot more is going to change in less then 2 weeks. and cr.hp will be your main combo normals, you will go into a fireball, an ex palm or reg palm, or a flip for continued pressure or a throw.

Off of EX palm you can do dash forward HK tatsu on most characters or sweep for the hard knockdown or MP palm (now).

his main link is > OR c.hp

These are the extreme basics. I’m stressing extreme and basic.

also his (2 hit) can be followed up with or nj.hp or cancelled into tatsu on the first hit.


Varies by character as people have different speeds of waking up. The video should show you how to do it exactly. The problem with safejumping 4 frame reversals is you have to be frame perfect, no room for error…


That Seth couldn’t once try ex srk on wakeup or even when Gouken crossed under him? Something wasn’t right there.


Hello, as I surf through this forum. I’m asking myself a question, which I ask to you now ^_-.

I read everywhere that the MP palm is goin’ to be better ( As it was in SSF4 )

But, how was it ? What were the proprieties ? ( Sorry bad english here ).

And the Fierce palm, ?

Thank you


HP palm is going away.

The three palms we will have are as follows:

LP Palm from AE = 2012 LP palm (though the hitbox is supposed to extend further out)
LP Palm from Super = 2012 MP palm
MP Palm from Super = 2012 HP palm

As far as I know, the will be the exact same as from super. Can’t be certain until we have the game in our hands though.


That was my question, how was it in Super. I’m totally new to Gouken ^^. Thank you anyway.


Just shorter distance. If you have super (I’m just assuming you do since you have AE) fire it up and use Gouken there.

Also the MP palm from super is the MP palm right now.

The new old lp palm from super is just a short travelling palm.