New Graffiti and Wall/Train art thread

Been wanting to make this for a while but am now just getting around to it. I really don’t care what your stance is on the legality of tagging or street art is, so keep that shit out of this thread. It’s simply for either discussion of, stories of, and pictures of said works, and maybe even tips for artist that are interested in pursing the aggressive career of being a potential King of the streets.

And to get the thread started I’ll go ahead and post some interesting work i ran into earlier today.


I will edit this first post to contain any relevant links posted, don’t be afraid to pm me with details.

Thanks and enjoy the thread.

Well since this is a Street Fighter forum I guess it would be appropriate to start off with something related right?

Guess no one cares for this sort of thing anymore huh?

didn’t know this existed…

would show some of my stuff but i can’t figure out how to post pics…

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so you can’t delete posts…and image tags are done. this is bullshit but whatever. anyway:

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some of the above is old, some new…you can see some progression but…i’ll post my advice in the next post.

my advice is…

well first off, i bomb in the streets. so my advice will be different from someone that pieces in spots that are far away from ppl or only on freights.

-graffiti is a drug.
-you will give up everything to support this habit.
-its a life of paranoia.
-you are dead during the day and alive at night.
-sometimes you can’t wait until its dark and will do daytime bombing and say fuck it.
-nobody cares unless its their business or they are the cops. you will gradually come to accept that and take more and more chances to get up.
-getting up requires you to be out at all times during the night. staying up requires you to revisit the same areas over and over and over again.
-the above essentially makes this a full time job.
-you will lose friends/relationships because your love is graffiti.
-bombing is hard.
-graffiti is hard.
-the only way to be up is to get up. the only way to evolve is to continue getting up.
-the only positive i get out of it is walking/riding by after its done and seeing that shit. the act of before and during SUCKS.
-why i continue to do it can’t be explained. its a feeling.
-that notebook will only go so far. you develop in a notebook but you develop differently doing it with paint. you can control your hand, the paper, etc. better in a book. using paint and strokes with your wrist/arm is completely different.

*its harder to be loose like you would be drawing on paper. it takes time to loosen up and do it like you do on paper. its frustrating but its something i struggle less and less with each time i get up. i take pics to see what i need to work on and go from there.

*can control is hard but is needed (again to be loose). caps help but can control > caps. once you have good can control those caps will make dope work ill. i’m still working on this.

*throwys are harder to do than they look. mad ppl respect pieces done on freights or in the middle of nowhere and those ARE nice. the color ideas behind that, the structure, etc. should def be respected.

but it is VERY DIFFICULT to be consistent and to make a throw look like how you can draw it. even coming up with something unique is difficult. painting it is difficult.

getting chased by the cops or by store owners is not fun. at all.

getting recognized by your peers
being accepted into crews
the pics and stories behind each pic
the plot (where the next “it” area will be that you hit up)
the aftermath

Good stuff, thanks for the contribution.

I approve of this thread.

pic i posted from before but without the angle.


<img src=“ Art/229/0611094026he0.jpg”><img src=“”><br><br><br>

<img src=“”><br><div><br></div>

Anyone got any from Philly? The throwies style are too dope. 

<blockquote class=“Quote”>
<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/8613/BartStation">BartStation</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>Anyone got any from Philly? The throwies style are too dope. </div>


<img src=“”><br><br><br><img src=“”><br><br><img src=“”><br><br>I like street art that tricks your eye, that is fascinating how they can do that.<br>

some of my favorite throwys are from:<div><br></div><div>wanto msk 246 al</div><div>pemex</div><div>rem</div><div>lushy</div><div>nemz dod ykk </div><div>noxer dod ykk </div><div>dealo</div><div>eseo ets o2d wds</div><div>obsoe ltf</div><div>rebus ltf</div><div>sy aob</div><div>shok nmk</div><div><br></div><div>i’ll try to provide pics in my next post of them</div>

from the other day:<div><br></div><div><img src=“”><br></div><div><img>