New Guardbreak for IM! unescapable?

Been working on a new GBs for IM. I’d appreciate it if you try this one out, and let me know what you think…warning! long post

sj. u+fierce, ad.d/f, jab, u+fierce, start infinite.

…The Japanese GB is sj. jab, ad.f, jab, u+fierce…
and is said to be unescapable. The only problem is, it is hard to perform 100%. Why? Positioning. IM has to adjust the timing for the combo on different characters and his position.

There are too many circumstances so I will not post them…but if you want PROOF…try the combo— low (on screen) on your opponent, high, close, and far (also against diff characters), you will see a huge, noticeable difference.

Why is this a problem? Because if the opponent decides to trade, block, or pushblock, you will have to adjust the combo. Aerial jab-stun does not give you a lot of time, so you will have to GUESS combo timing, most times.

Another problem is Aerial jab is just a jab (short range). Characters with faster jabs can beat you if you’re not in perfect position, and you can even get thrown.

…Referring to the GB I posted above…
The GB above is actually a UNIVERSAL combo for IM, that works from LAUNCH range to anywhere BELOW. You do not have to adjust positioning, only timing against diff. characters…making it crazy easy to perform.

The only positioning you have to adjust, is for IM to be in range for a clean, SJing Aerial HP. Aerial HP has long range, good priority, and comes out pretty quick. During the GB, the range is so good, that you can hit your opponent before he shows up on the screen…making it safe and maybe unescapable.

-If BLOCKED, Aerial up HP = huge block stun (which is why jumping HP is so popular). All you have to do is ad. down fwd and input jab, up fierce. Remember, the combo is universal, so you will see how easy it is.

-If PUSHBLOCKED on a regular jumping HP GB, IM will fall back and lose range for followups. IM cannot airdash and attack after a jumping HP in jump mode…which is why it isn’t 100% successful. With the GB posted above, the SUPERJUMP changes that, giving IM enough room and range to follow up. And again…Aerial up HP = huge block stun. You pretty much follow up with whatever you like, but i prefer the infinite.

So there u have it, try it out for a change, and see how u like it. Also, the Jap GB is thee FASTEST unescapable? GB (jab is faster than up+HP), so it should not be ignored…but this GB just MIGHT be more reliable.

Tip: dash first to setup urself quicker, and sj straight up to avoid TK unibeams. Comments/questions/suggestions and testing please.

ps. This was the best GB i came up with after some playing. If you wanna hear the other one’s, i’ll post them, too. There’s a pretty nice one involving SJ lk (no TK unibeams :stuck_out_tongue: )

i thought u knew the unescapable one was

jumping up+fp, sj.lp, ad/f sj.lp, sj.up+fp

thas the one i use, i might be rusty with it right now since positioning is huge, but i mean; nevertheless…it is unescapable

also, if u have mag-a, u can do his lil fly combo with mag-a in the corner into the infinite from the jumping fp, s.rh gb…this one is good too because it eliminates the flying screen from the s.rh setups

sj.lp, ad/f sj.lp, sj.up+fp is just a “followup” to a regular jumping u+fp. The problems I stated above still refer to this. The main reason why it’s “unescapable” is because of the actual followup, in which you don’t even have to input a jumping fp.

Try this, hit a jumping up+fp high against the upcoming opponent, low, far, close, midscreen, corner, and different characteres. There you will see the differences in timing and position. (for the followup and for the up+hp)

On mag-a, plz post the whole gb, i don’t really use IM with mag (although I plan on using them together someday), so i’m unsure on what you’re talking about.

the only place u can escape it is where it don’t work…midscreen, and there i use cross ups with mag-a

the mag-a combo is just his regular b&b ended with a,f.neutral fp, unfly, land, start infinite with lk (all in corner)

K, thanx for clearing that up. I’m talking about GBs that work midscreen and in corner. I already know the Jap GB works wonders in the corner. Try the one I posted, it works anywhere beautifully, making IM more of potential “GB kill next player for free” character.

Tip: Make sure the up+fp hits at the apex of the incoming character for best results.

Superior Tech: the GB you listed above seems to work very well midscreen. The only thing is, that the gb might not work if they take the sj. fp. well, i have not tested against live comp, but i guess you could mess with the timing and set up a gb off it. i am gonna try it out this week with live comp. I’ll post how it goes.

other than that, it seems pretty solid.

i like sj xx dash foward jab, pause, then up fierce at teh end of the dash though (i am just used to it :)).

when they take the hit, landing the infinite is still possible. just needs a little timing/quick reaction to know what you should do.

sup, well…here’s the thing with up+hp. SUPER LONGGG STUN hit, they take it…and its actually easier for you to combo from there. Want to know how long the hit stun is? Try this combo…

RH(launch), sj. u+fp, ad. d/f, lp, up+fp…its universal (and IMO, thee most USEFUL combo for setting up IM’s inf).

I actually did some testing against live comp myself. Here’s a problem I came up with…(midscreen, and IM on opposite end of screen)…When you kill a character their body stays grounded, making it kinda hard to set urself up for the GB (the dead body slows ur dash). I totally ignored this, since when i came up with this GB, i was practicing using snapback on the dreamcast :stuck_out_tongue: .

How to avoid? Best way - is to get over the dead body fastest way possible. Of course, that’s all situation dependent, but normal jumping, ad. f or ad.d/f, kneedive is pretty quick. Another way - IM will still be in good position for the GB, as long as the dead body is CLOSE to the end of the next incoming character. In that case, just do the GB right over his dead body.