New Guile players!



Just a video of some basics with Guile that I put together. Hope it helps anyone who needs it.


this video is pretty sick sir


^ Thanks for checking it out!


nice video man, i can’t get enought of these tutorial videos


Thanks for watching. I’m going to be putting up as many as possible.


I’m not a Guile player, but this tutorial video was very well made. It’s easy to follow and a great place for newer Guile player to start. I’d love to see you make more of these.

I do have once suggestion though - if you’re going to put a song over the game audio, you should turn off the game music. I could hear the training stage music through the song, and it didn’t sound too great. Aside from that, keep up the good work!


Nicely Made, just need the cut the audio from your video and overlay with the track. Otherwise I don’t play Guile, but this video made me want to try.


Thanks for watching it! I must admit that I should have been a little more thorough with some of the editing but I’m still getting used to this Pinnacle system so vids in the future will be a lot better one I learn everything it can do. Thanks for the feedback, it is much appreciated.


good shit man, cant wait to see more


nice vid sonicflash!

you did a really good job of explaining guile and how to effectively use him without completely dumbing it down


this should be made for every character, espeically shoto’s so that them scrubs dont stay a scrub.

i still feel most comfortable with ken, I should focus more on playing rather than getting worked up with strings.

Maybe Abel or Fei long.


I’ve been trying to get away from the Shotos, I main Akuma but I’ve been trying to see how well my guile and bison would do , well charge characters nonetheless. THE VIDEO WAS GREAT THOUGH…I can definitely follow that, see how well I can do with Guile.


Preciate that man. I’m probably going to do a follow up to this video going over advanced tactics. Thanks for watching all.


amazing video man! keep up the good work! id like to see more videos when super comes out!


O don’t worry. I’m planning on putting out a video within 3-4 hours of me getting Super. The first one will probably just be of Guiles challenge mode just to see the new combos and the implications of those combos. Then I’ll probably be doing some serious testing just to see what all got changed about Guile. I can’t wait to get my hands on that bad boy and test everything out, especially with Guile. Thanks for watching.


Great video, definitely a stepping stone for my Guile game.


Glad you liked it man. I’m definitely going to work on a follow up with the more advances stuff and I just order an HD PVR so the video quality is going to be going up a couple notches to HD very soon.


SonicFlash, man your vids really helped me and my nephew. I’m an old Street Fighter veteran trying to get back into the swing of things. I spent way too many years on a pad and using a stick has really humbled me to say the least. I never used Guile because, well, it was too hard to pull off his moves with a pad and I’m a shoto fanboy, but I’ve always liked the character. But after a some time in training mode, it’s paying off as we’re able to pull off the basics as well as some of the advanced stuff. Now, I don’t know if we’re going to main Guile but he’s a fun character to wreck people with and Street Fighter for me has always been about fun.

Good work my, man and I’m looking forward to your stuff for Guile in Super Street Fighter 4.


Thanks man. Glad I could help!


Another addition in the SonicFlash school for Guile’s… lol

This video is going over 2 very important. Plinking, and S.FP>FlashKick execution. Let me know if you have any questions or comments guys. Thanks in advance.