New Guile Thread (Lets own!)

So before I settled on using strider/cable/doom the very first time I played mvc2 I looked for familiar characters and ended up picking guile/ryu/akuma.

Getting straight to the point, I’m thinking of changing from my current team to using strider/guile/doom. I really liked using guile back then and doing newb stuff like --> qcf kk or qcf pp.

So now I wanna use guile as part of the team that I use everytime. I read other old posts and stuff that talks about corner resets and combos, but the latest post is 4 months old so I think that creating a new thread would be better.

I would like to know the following about Guile (In perferred order)

Combos + air combos
Combos to super
Crossover and other tactics
Infinites if he has any which I doubt lol

guile/doom is good. im not a strider/doom guy so personally i would take strider out and put in storm. i know the trap can be good, but there are plenty of ways to do damage with guile/rocks. i like to use throws so that the rocks will make the most contact with the character…like if the rocks hit them point blank they will bounce up in the air, but you can jump up and throw them back into the second wave, land, then super jump combo, dhc, or tag in combo with strider when they bounce back up in the air. Guile throws are so tight. if you do end up sticking with strider doom, guile wil definetely teach you how to use rocks better.

of course almost anything guile can do with rocks, storm can do better, meagman can do just as good… i dont know…peace.

In corner -> kick throw (or it may be punch throw) + lk + punch or kick super depending on who you want to dhc to.

I got some guile shit.

qcb+kk? flash kick super has instant startup and a little invincibility IIRC. Good fast move for a dhc.

guiles s.fp is the only move that will hit crouchers. s.rh, b+fp, fwd+fp all miss short ducking opponents.

I don’t which of guiles air throws has more priority but I like the RH version. If you fuck up the throw, j.rh comes out and it has more priority than j.fp. Also, the rh version lets the opponet land right next to you for easy OTG, launch.

when guile is coming down from a jump and you throw, you’ll land much much much faster. The down momentum kind of speeds things up and makes the throw harder to roll.

When you air throw w\fp, you can hit the opponent before they hit the ground. Just like cammy’s.

overall, guile has great priority. Air to air, ground to air, and ground to ground are all great to god like.

c.fp is a god like launcher and theres very little that can beat it out. Wipes top tier shit out clean for the most part. IIRC c.fp is one of the best launchers in the game.

j.rh has great priority and its has a pretty fat hix box for a crossup. That move beats sentinel pretty clean.

guile has 2 versions of lk. I think its and while jumping up+lk. Both have great priority and up+lk in the air hits at an up angle.

B+rh goes over lows I think. Its not an overhead but a good anti ground rush tool.

guiles double fierce combo in the air does great life. Launcher to this combo is definetly worth it.

flash kick is too good but you can only do 1 per jump.

by far his best assit type is his AA. God like priority and its invincible but it doesn’t hit OTG. Theres nothing low tier about guile though. Pair him up right and theres no reason why he can’t fight back. Guile AA comes at a real awkward angle and has a HUGE hit box. When you do it right, you can take away someones option to jump.

for the record, guile\strider\doom is beastly. Theres nothing wrong w\ it if you know s\d. Sonic hurricane into orbs is beastly life and guile AA on s\d make its a party!!

^^ didnt know standing fp hit crouchers, thats cool.

about guile’s throws…his FP airthrow puts them down fast at an angle…i use this when they are higher in the air…The HK airthrow pulls them straight down but is slower, i try to do this low to the ground when i can pull them into an assist.

Standing throws…his FP throws them away…but the HK throw is low and bounces them off the ground once where they can be comboed, better in the corner.

Wow guile works really well with strider. I always DHC into strider orbs everytime lol. How should I end an aircombo with guile? Sometimes I try to go for the hk grab, other times I mostly finish an aircombo with lk flashkick.

Also does anyone know how to connect guile’s airsuper during an aircombo? I know it only works in corners, but when I try to do it after a lk flashkick it mostly doesn’t connect.

You can connect the air super during an air combo a couple different ways…doesnt have to be in the corner, multiple ways to do it. try it on a lighter character if you are having trouble. I use the air supers in unpredictable ways like low to the ground quick ways to cross up or avoid a super. ending air combos with double fierce like shoultzula said,( fp, hk) does alot of damage. i use flashkicks mostly agaisnt assist if their main character is locked down.

Hey do you also happen to know how to do that glitch thing with guile’s flashkick super?

PS: Thanks for the tips on the airsuper combo, it really works great now! My guile is 2x better now lol.

i dotn know any glitches with the flash kick super. If you want to risk it, with an assist, you can cancel it out of the first kick of a low hk(rollable)…if it hits, they will bounce up high enough where you can super them again. bad advice.

You may know already, that a low air super on a standing character, DHC before it ends into strider will leave there character paralyzed for you to combo into perfectly…infact doom isnt even needed to hit them with almost every single orb.

here is a nice wall air combo. c lk, c hp + sj magic series, HP throw + lp lp (might just be one lp) air flask kick with lk or hk.

the other one that has hard timing is c lk c hp sj magic series end with hp delayed hk hk again as you’re about to land lk hk again, sometiems you can throw afterwards if the player isn’t paying attention, then you can set up Hp thow, lk into punch super.

Does guile have any lockdowns or any sort of rush down tactics to put your opponent on the defensive? Or is it just better to play defensively with guile? I’ve tried playing guile both ways and I found that it’s easier and better to play him defensively, but then I don’t wanna just play one way with guile, so any good rush down tactics?

nothing too magical but you can add a few more hits in combos and punish a few more mistakes if you charge while dashing forward and jumping forward. infact try throwing sonics only when you move forward. if you are trying to move forward into j. HK range, throw an HP sonic boom and jump or dash forward. If they pushblock, you should already be throwing the hp lp sonic boom. if they try to normal jump over it, have an j. HK in their face or mix in throws. If they try to Superjump over it, have a SJ. HK in thier face…even if they block, there is still enough time to knock them back into the sonic boom on the ground or try to airthrow. if they try to counter your normals just cut it down with an air super.

if you have a good assist to cover the ground…mix in in some whiffed SJ flashkicks right over their head…then attack on your way down.

Here’s my favorite combo with Guile. Only works in the corner though.

launch sj.lp sj.lp pause sj. fp then when the opponent is falling down mash your fk if you cannot get them timing and Guile will hit him again. Then when the opponent hits the ground u can do a s.fp or Just mix things up a bit. After that you can go for a reset with a grab if you can.

One of my best tatics if playing Guile defensively. Guile Doom combinations are nasty. Call Doom and mash your fierce kick with Guile with a normal jump. You will eventually catch them and knock them down into Dooms AAA or even end up grabbing them and bringing them down into the rocks. After that its up to you if you want to jump flash kick them or fp fk.

man guile/strider/doom is too fun to use

i think reading this thread its consensus that guile’s favorite assist is doom. Some more stuff, i like to rush down with this team. At first guile doesnt seem very fast, but what i like to do is dash, and quickly regular jump towards them. This gets him close very fast. while in the air hold back, blocking any anti air they might throw, and also charging sonic boom when you land. heres what i do in specific situations

if they call out an assist block it, counter call your assist to punish theirs and cover your own ass. if its against magneto, his crouching HP is freaking awesome after a blocked psylocke, mags loves to triangle jump after that, so call out doom+c.HP this either has him blocking or launched. If hes blocking, throw out a sonic boom and dash jump at him again.

if they jump this depends on who it is. If its cable or mags i would stay on the ground and wait for them to come down, C.HP will pretty much stop anything they can throw on the way down. Though you do beat out mags in the air in terms of priority, the problem is after you do hit him with a fierce, he is now below you and you are at superjump hight, leading to too many cross ups. with cable, dash regular jump to avoid any ground projectile assists he has and be still below his gun height. if its storm or sentinal, Go ahead and chase them, you should be able to knock them both back down with a HK or a Flash kick.

also, if they mess up on their super jump that leads to a HK thow, which is more good ness.

If they stay on the ground if they are pinned down by something, or flinch. Throw out a j. hk+call out doom, sonic boom, and hopefully you have rocks in there some where so if even if it doesnt hit, they will still fear it. you may have to throw in a dash after the J.HK, but his has a lot of range so hopefully you wont have to, to keep the sonic boom charge. This should allow you to continue pressure.

Other stuff
I like ending air combos with Fierce flash kick rather than double fierce. after the fierce flash kick, on the way down you have 2 free FP to charge up your meter, make use of it and charge back, when you land throw out a lp. sonic boom for anybody but mags. for mags throw a fp. sonic boom because he loves dashing in after he lands. the sonic boom makes the ground a little dangerous for a few seconds as they are falling. Even if they have a double jump or air dash, you are limiting their safe spots to land and can act acoordingly. also, the problem with the double fierce combo is that then it ends, you are in a bad position for guile, he doesnt have a fast cross ups and you have to get in close again. It should also be noted that they do the same about of damage. Of course if you are in the corner, the double fiece is really good for cross ups and otgs.

in the corner C.Fp, magic series sj.hp sj. hk otg sj. hk,, s.lp, s. fp, throw+assist
in the corner C.Fp, magic series sj.hp sj. hk sj. lp, land, j.lp j.lp j.fp and throw or something

against sentinal, obviously you want to stay in the air with him cuz lazers and drones makes it hard to regular jump towards him, his only move that you should worry about is his pan when he is below you, and even then your hk trades with him, so make smart use of your Flash kick to avoid that.
when you land something on the ground, canceling into sonic hurricane then orbs to infinate should be game for sentinal.

if mags or storm is all over you, you can flash super, which should hit them if they are in the middle of a triangle jump, and if it misses you can cancel to orbs.

dont be afraid to throw HK on the way down from a super jump, the only thing yo you should really be worried about is an anti air. even if somebody does try to cross you up, the Hk should stop that or you could flash kick out of the way.

Try to always hold down back when you can so when their is a break in the action , you can throw out a sonic boom, you would be suprised how many sonic booms mags will eat in a match and the damage adds up or at least gets him out of his rhythm.

Anyone got any vids of Guile?

To add some more things

Ive been thinking it might be better to end air combos against sentinal with fierces since they can just fly to avoid the sonic boom you would call after the flash kick. It doesnt put you in a bad position, having sentinal on top, but i wonder what the possiblities are if you double fierces. I dunno, the last place i want to be is having both of us on the ground at the same time, but i will expiriment.

flash kick super from a doom hit does pritty crappy damage, but its easy to do if you need to kill of a character, actually the a blocked flash kick super and doom does pretty good block damage if you know it will connect, good to get a little block damage before switching to strider or storm or something.

Also i forgot about pushblocking the j. HK when you dash jump at them which is probably their best option. this lets them get away from you and not have to have them call out their assist. In this case, you can depending on who they are, you could try another way to get close, or you can just empty jump in, wait for them to flinch/call out assist and go from there.

As far as videos, the only ones i have seen are the ones of Jwong where he uses marrow, guile, tron. You can find them searching at for “preppy Jwong”. also under team free world. You can see him spamming jumping hk and calling out assist which is good guile tactics. unfortunately the team revolves more around marrow/tron than guile. I dont really like guile tron since it is really hard to get in and get reliable/safe damage.

A few more things, if you want to build meter, you can throw out more sj.hp than sj. hk per super jump, and use b.hp on the ground.

Flash kick super after a connected doom hit does crappy damage but it is easy to do and can be used to kill of a character. Actually it does respecable block damage as well, mess around with it if you have a safe dhc on your team.

you can otg his air HP throw with sj. hk, after try to follow up with a flash kick super (though i dont know why you would be using his HP throw when you should be using HK)

Guile guard break:
Flash kick using the lk, get the timing right and you can launch them or use your imagination so sj. cancel to air power thing.

Heres a few guile combos ive come up since i started playing mvc2.
My team is Guile/Charlie/Iceman

Combo 1: In corner or approaching to corner
lk c.fp sj. lp lk lp lk. fp fk on there way down do a lp or lk normal jump. throw(fp or fk throw) if you fp throw try doing a lk then cancel into air super or do 2 lks then cancel into flash kick. If you do fk throw relaunch and do w/e. Make sure to lag your hits to get the timeing down.

Combo 2: A variation of the previous combo
c.fp magic series fp fk wait till there going down lp or lk normal jump lk lk fk or lp lp fp or w/e you want.

Combo 3: In corner
Launch magic series fp fk on there way down do another fk when theyre about to reach the ground lp then throw.

Combo 4: With charlie projectile assist. My personal favorite.
Opponent in corner probably never land this but its possible. I usually mess it up if i get the chance but w/e. Dash lp lp FP with charlies pj.assist fp sonic boom (5 hits) dash in again with guile lp lp fp fierce sonic boom cancel into sonic hurricane.

Combo 5: A variation of 4
Opponent in corner, dash in with guile, lk hold back lk with charlies assist, fk (still holding back), assist hits, lp lp fp cancel into sonice hurricane. Looks nice but probably wont be done ever in a match.

Guard breaks:
Mid screen dash normal jump fk cancel into air super. Or if you have a projectile assist, dash normal jump fk wait for assist to hit cancel into super.

In corner: jump lk cancel into super. or jump lk wait for projectile assist to hit then cancel into super. Or you can guard break with flash kick like charlie then do w/e.

These 3 combos are done by lagging your hits. I can’t remember anymore combos i usually do so thats it for now.

Ive been using the kick super lately to catch assists when the opponent is blocking or pinnned or if im trying the close the gap and they manage to just get the assist out there to try and keep from getting crossed up or whatever. The super stops going after the first hit… but that first hit pins the assist in that wierd frozen state for like a second and can be DHC.