New Guile wiki

Hey guys,

My friend started a small wiki a while ago in preparation for majors. I worked on the Guile section a bit and it would be great if some of you guys would contribute to make it the best source for Guile info out there. Thanks!

Good stuff D_G

I’ll keep this page bookmarked and add and view accordingly.

Great great great very great thanks! :smiley:


I signed up, but I need authorization to edit. I’ll be happy to help with whatever I can.

Like most, wikis, I gotta wonder who’s writing this. I’m seeing weird shit I know doesn’t work (“reversal kara flashkicks”)…can we get dagger g input on this thing plz

Interesting! I’ll be checking this often

I actually wrote most of it (minus the graffiti).

You can kara a flashkick to punish moves that are distant dependant for a regular reversal. Used mostly for sweeps. Gives you extra piece of mind that your punish will actually connect.

Sorry mate but how do you kara FK? It’d come in handy to punish Cammy’s bs harder then I already do in some situations, I just wasn’t aware that a kara FK was possible

Kara FK is done with far s.strong punch. Guile has 3 karas, far s.strong, close s.forward, and c.roundhouse.

Pretty nice. Bookmarked.

I added a number of things to the wiki if you guys want to check it out. As most of you know you can always change and edit it at any time.

One guy from Japan who has moved to Melbourne (my hometown) permanently has outlined to me that Guile’s super metre increases ata considerably higher rate compared to vanila.