New guy, asking about rulings and whatnot

Hello, I’m Lordvaati, a Melee player who is getting into other fighting game communities recently.
I have questions about older games that I’d like answered, if no one minds.

  1. does anyone even still play MVC1 and the WW version of SFII, or is it the most current versions with those games?

2.if yes, is there a li9nk to the basic rulings of them?

  1. I’m planning on hosting a tournament with SC2 on GC in the near future, and after studying the rulings, I made a rule modification:

-the characters Cervantes, Lizardman, Sueng Mina, Sophitia, Berserker, and Asssasin are allowed in normal play. the characters Necrid and Link are allowed as Counterpicks.

would this be an OK rule or is it kind of BS?

that’s all. can’t wait to join ya guys.

    • MvC has a cult following. WW, no. Hyper Fighting, Champion Edition, Super Turbo, Anniversary Edition, and HDR of course, are the only SF2 renditions still being played.
  1. Excuse me?

  2. That rule sounds kinda BS. Most SC2 Tournaments banned console only characters comletely. Also, why use the GC version? You’d allow much more competition if you put it on a system that there’s more play with, like Xbox or PS2 (I think PS2 is the most commonly played)

Why, may I ask are you into these obsolete fighters? I wont say old, because ST is still majorly played as well as some others like Breaker’s Revenge. These games you listed though all have games that are superior to them.

You could have a World Warriors tournament as a novelty, but you would be better off just playing Super Street Fighter II Turbo, or SSFIIT: HD Remix.

As far as rules go, only Akuma is banned in any Street Fighter II game. Gill is banned in Street Fighter 3. You don’t need to ban anyone except console characters like Necrid and the console specific characters (Link, Spawn, Heihachi) for Soul Caliber 2, and I would suggest playing it on PS2.

I can imagine you would choose Gamecube because you probably have more Gamecubes on hand, so that is understandable, but their are no arcade sticks that play on the Gamecube, so you will be alienating anyone who really plays Soul Caliber 2.

Good Luck.

I was under the impression that any stick that worked on the Wii would work on the gamecube, since they fit in the wii’s gamecube controller sockets.

One of Hori’s Wii sticks goes in the port on the Wiimote, like a Nunchuck.

All Wii controllers act as an extension to the Wiimote, like the Nunchuk or Classic Controller. iirc arcade sticks are no exception to this (I know the Hori FSW, Madcatz SE, and Exar stick are Wiimote extensions).

Note, he’s not banned in HDR, only Super Turbo and Anniversary Edition.

Most tourney’s i go to ban akuma in HDR. Akuma in HDR is just ridiculous.

Oh, didn’t know. My bads :slight_smile:

Actually I take that back. The up coming tourney here (chattanooga) doesn’t list Akuma as banned. I’m pretty sure he was banned at the tourney here last month. Maybe I’m retarded.

He’s banned at Evolution, but that I knew… I thought that was the only one, actually, so I think he’s “soft-banned”

thanks guys.

thanks for the info, mates. anyway, most of the reasons why I mention older games is because I’m a retronaut, and own older model systems(GC and SNES, to be exact.). the reason why it is GC Soul Calibur is because I am a Melee Player, and have the GC version of the game. With Link, of the 3 guests, I hear he is the worst(worse than Yunsung, by Some), so he doesn’t really qualify for ban since he doesn’t disrupt the balance of the game. Necrid is kinda love/hate with some, so I had him classified as CP, just in case. MVC…I know 2 is bigger, but isn’t 2 mostly dominated by the “X-Men 4?” I mean, I think Strider rules 1, but tyhere are still more diverse teams than top play in 2. (low Tiers in MVC2, on the other hand, I can get into.) WW I guess can be for old times sake, and I’ll look for Turbo or convince one of my friends to get HDR.

In MvC2 it’s Sentinel, Storm, Magneto, Cable.

Strider and Red Venom with the two War Machines dominate 1.

Just FYI, I have a Hori SC2 stick for Gamecube. I’m the only person I know of that has one though. xD

MvC1 also changes if a :3p: macro is allowed. Wolverine and normal War Machine rule when that’s in effect.

Overall, yeah, It’s say it’s Double War Machine first, then followed by Strider/RV/Wolverine. DWM Duos are :crybaby:+:yawn:

Any MC modded stick can hook up to a gamecube just fine.

Best shit ever is the gold war machine c.hp glitch.


I’m pretty sure that Sophi and Mina were allowed most times, man.

Oh, I meant console specifics. Necrid was implied, but I meant Hei / Spawn / Link

Why would someone only be a counter pick? That makes zero sense. If you’re going to ban someone because they’re good in one game then thinking of running WW right after that’s pretty counter productive :rofl: