New guy here with a quick question about the SE Fightstick


Hey everyone. I’ve been lurking the forums for a little bit and I finally decided to register.

I have a few quick questions. I have an SE Fightstick from Madcatz with the loose washer sticking problem. I’ve been using this stick since I got it around the time SFIV came out and it still works fine for some reason, but I’m afraid that the PCB is about to die soon, so I’m planning on replacing it. Also, my RT button seems to stop responding at random times. I think the connector might be loose, but I’m not sure. I’m pretty newb with joysticks, by the way. :sweat:

So, my first question: If the stock joystick PCB dies completely, will swapping it out fix it, and should I super glue the washer in the Sanwa stick to avoid future problems?

Second question: If the RT button problem isn’t caused by a loose connector, what else could it be? I haven’t opened the stick yet, so I’m just overly cautious.

Any help is appreciated.


I’m quite a noob at modding too (the SE is the first stick I ever modded) but I’ll try to help.

As far as I know :

  • replacing the stock joystick will solve the problem as the new joystick will come with its own pcb (and there’s no need to glue the new one really)

  • the stock RT button might be defective as I read many stock buttons become so after a while (so I guess it’s not from a loose connector but of course you should open it up and see for yourself)


So if I swap out the defective RT button with a new one, will it work properly again?

  1. The whole joystick or the PCB? Swap out the whole Joystick if that is the answer you are looking. The SE joy stick is a mad cats “we’re going to make it ourselves and screw everyone over again” Sanwa JLF knock off. That is why the washer is the current problem everybody has with this joystick. You do not have to glue down the washer if you happened to buy yourself a new Sanwa JLF or a Seimetsu LS-32…whatever.

  2. Chances are that it may be a loose quick disconnect and every time you bash on the RT button, the wire happens to jiggle back in place, but not connected of course. Don’t be scared and just open up that bastard and check to see if one of the wires came loose. If it’s not a loose wire then you’re going to need yourself a new button my friend… more than one actually…6 or 8


Thanks for the replies, guys.

I meant the PCB. I can hear it scratching inside, so I’m gonna swap out the joystick and 6 of the buttons.

I just hope I don’t break the whole arcade stick itself when I swap the parts. It’s my first attempt at modding an arcade stick. Do you have any tips for a beginner? I’ve been reading the sticky threads and it seems pretty easy.


Try asking in here:

Better than starting a new thread


If you say it seems pretty easy then you’re good to go.

All you’re doing is simply swapping//snapping//screwing. Just be careful not to strip the screws…


dude before you do anything call madcatzs and see if they can fix for you it has not been a year yet…


Yeah but if Madkatz take it back he wont see it again for months so best of fixing it yourself


btw the SE buttons are happ right?


They are MadKatz own branded I believe


^ this man knock of sanwa parts


No -they’re “Crap”


It is very easy - the only other hint that I would add to the excellent thread already on this forum about modding is to use a flathead screwdriver to prise the connectors off the original buttons. They can be very difficult to pull off so if you put a small flathead screwdriver at the quick connector / button pin interface you can gently prise the connector off without breaking it or the wire that it’s attached to.


W T F. :wtf: