New guy here!

So firstly, I’m new to getting into the game, but I’ve have had SF4AE sitting around for roughly a year (maybe more). Just decided to get into since I left another game that was hoarding all my time.

I’m a PS3 player under the same tag (just a lower case R), but I’m having an issue. I don’t know if this is on my end, or if it’s because people are sleeping. I live roughly 2 hours away from Chicago, and I’m trying to find an online match, but the game cannot find a match (ranked). Is there an update I do not know of, or do I need to update my PS3. Tips would be beautiful. ^^

I live in Europe and I don’t have any problems finding ranked matches with people all over the world. I think the problems may be on your end with slow internet. I also think if there are any new updates, you will receive a message as soon as you pop the disc in.

I agree ^

My guess is its your end. I’m pretty sure you will know if there was an update you didn’t have. You find endless matches? Just happens in ranked matches?

theres a thing called the update kit or something like that for free on the PSN store. I’d check that out or search for matches earlier to determine the issue