New Guy Here!


Well, after years of being an off/on guest on here I’ve finally decided to join! Loved fighting games for a while and love watching top-level/upcoming players prosper in it. Don’t know what else to say except that I’m accepting tips on how to get better on a stick (on a scale of 1-10, I’m about a 4.5). Other than that, glad to be here!


and you still don’t know that we don’t do introductions…


I more or less just viewed certain threads on here, but other than the intro I did ask for advice


There really isnt much in the way of playing stick. Play it more and you get used to it. Only children of satan play crosshanded though


Do you play on ps3 or PC.


Yeah, I don’t think I can do cross handed…


PS3. Haven’t tried PC yet due to my laptop being crappy


I do but since few months I switched to normal play due to arm strain. But if things get tough, I switch to crosshanded…


what exactly is the advantage of that?


Relatively new player here too (casual history in Street Fighter from 2, alphas, 3rd strike, and vanilla SF4). I recommend learning the Daigo grip. Here’s some links.

Others will probably say “it doesn’t matter,” or “I’m this good and have been doing it this way,” and that’s ok too, it’s just advice. But it’s advice from one of the best players (Daigo not me huehue). Good luck!


Add me on PS3, the skill gap is ridiculous. The only people playing the game are pretty much tourny players, or hardcore, there are very few casuals/new players.


Welcome to Street Fighter. Relax. it will take a long time before you see extreme progress and that is ok. We all have been where you are at. Best advise I can give is set small goals that can be attained easy so you are constantly tasting success. Don’t worry about winning, the wins will come. Worry about developing new tools and understanding. The best path is to practice something in training room till you can land it. Try it out against the computer AI until you can land it on a moving target, then try it out on a human opponent and land it till you own it and can do it without thinking about it.


faster directional execution but problems with button, especially for difficult moves with lots of button presses (eg Darkness Illusion combos)


Their still plethora of option of game to play on low par pcs. Emulation may be the safest bet. Most game are affordable or even free in some matter. Netcode is usually superior to any console netcode (some may require port fowarding). Your selection large from old gen to new gen games as well as nitch stuff.

Good on you for returning to fighting games. Your making some good decision and seeking out information but I do implore to also do some exploration yourself. While most of us may have been down the route you have, we all have different experience and value. What may have worked for us may not work for you,

Ironically good portion of people get competitive in fighter due to aspiration of other strong players and try to mimic them right away. But Those strong player have fundamental master and experience to back them up. But more time than often strong player borrow stuff tech from other player than craft them for their own way. its often time innovative players that find or discover tech in games and than strong player come and optimize them.

In end be mindful and humble of guidelines to be wise,yet be daring and adventurist to discovered new value.


Thanks everyone! If it’s any consolation, I can do simple inputs pretty good (QCF/QCBs, DPs, HCB/HCFS), but I struggle with the double inputs like 2x QCF. Either way, thanks for the advice and I’ll try to add you when I can, chukz