New guy in town



Hey Srk forum go-ers!

Been reading srk for quite a while now… recently made a new account to suit myself with a more… up to date name (last one was 4y old and… a little outdated)
Been dabbling in SF4/SF4AE and now USF4 for some time but recently been taking it a step further with practice and trickier setups and such… Now I’ve taken up guy (roughly 2months ago)
It seems that about 8~ Guy players are active on this part of the forum so why not try my luck and get an extra tip or two!

Am trying to be a better guy than your average joe… yukyuk so was wondering if anyone was up for a match(Ps3/PC) or two or give a pointer.
Specifically on the Makoto matchup, I played her a few nights ago and I couldn’t get her off of me… everytime I tried I ate a counter…
Thanks for reading.


Don’t press too many buttons unless you’re a fair good distance away. Her normals have a lot of active frames. Makoto has trouble approaching a Guy who times his pokes well, if they try for axe kick approach, give them a good focus crumple.


Sounds fair… how about getting her off of ya? Once she’s in… she’s usually in… there has to be something else than an ex bsk.
Small edit; once someone finds the time to give a few pointers regarding Makoto… How about Zangief? I use st.HK all day… punish whiffed lariats and never jump in… Yet I fail to react to his Green hand>SPD All the work I did in 15 seconds of painfully poking my foot out has been outdone by one 360 Punches ={[


Guy’s standing LK has gotten better too for anti air so that is an option as well. Throw out some standing MK against zangief to interupt his green hands. With makoto, you can also backdash/focus backdash out of her normals on wake up.