New guy introduction/Combo question


Hey all,

I used to play fighting games a fair bit as a kid (Tekken 3 and a SNES DBZ game in particular) and while I was never good at them I still enjoyed playing them.

I was in Tokyo recently and on a trip to Akihabara to play some arcade games I found I enjoyed Blazblue Central Fiction quite a bit even though I had no idea what was going on. So I’ve decided to get stuck into playing fighting games not only to have fun but actively learn some fundamentals and play to get better.

Since coming back home I bought Skullgirls (for the tutorials) and a Hori Fight Commander pad and I’m loving it.

My biggest issue is that in the tutorials I’m having trouble stringing combos together, I’m just not fast enough. I understand to cancel I need to press the next button as soon as the previous attack landed but that works so fast for me and it almost seems like I have to press it -before- my brain has registered the attack has landed. Is this just a matter of repetition or are there exercises I can do to help my reaction times? Also how the hell do you people remember these combos? Some of them are huge!


I think you need to press the next button immediately after pressing the first, if you wait for the first button to hit its probably too late.