New Guy need help!


Hey whats up people. I’m new here. I am unsatisfied with Injustice (I’ve also played Mortal Kombat for 2 years), so I’ve been getting into sf4 ae. I have only been playing the game for about 1 month and have been getting my ass kicked left and right. I main Juri and have 520 PP/3,025 BP in ranked on XBL. I have trouble timing combos, and I do not understand how to use the focus.

What are meaty attacks, and why do some anti-air me with a throw I don’t understand how that is possible. I also like to jump in with m.k and then do xx pinwheel.


Focus attacks can absorb one hit while it’s charging. You can dash cancel out of the focus attack. Armor breaking attacks, like a Flash Kick or Hurricane Kick will break through the Focus attack’s “armor.”

Meaty attacks are attacks timed on your wake up (when you’re getting up after getting knocked down) where the active frames of the attack (the time period when the attack will actually hit you) coincide with when you become vulnerable to being hit again. Meaty attacks are generally used to maintain pressure, although using normals is generally riskier in the SF4 series than in previous Street Fighters due to the ease of doing reversals. One example of a safe meaty attack is Guile throwing a slow Sonic Boom after he knocks you down. You’ll get up, and be forced to block, which will leave Guile advantageous.

Are you jumping in with an attack, and then trying to do another attack but getting thrown before it can come out? Or are you jumping and getting air-thrown? If the first, then you’re jumping in with attacks than don’t have enough blockstun (or missing your jump-in altogether), which will allow the opponent to throw you before your grounded attack comes out. If you’re getting air-thrown, then you’re just jumping predictably, and they’re snagging you out of the air (Guile f+LPLK, get out da sky son!). Only certain characters have normal air throws. As far as I know, I think they’re:

Guile, Cammy, Chun-Li, Vega. I think Ibuki has one, but I’m not 100% sure since I haven’t played SSF4 in a long time.


Ibuki, Fuerte, and Hakan also have air throws.


I thought we had a new Sneaker Bro…


Also, some characters have anti-air command grabs.


When I cross people up (or any kinda jump in) I do, xx pinwheel (senpusha). On block I do ex low fireball since its +7 on block. I believe this is happening when my cross up gets blocked.


I am not sure how you can get a fireball out after you do a cross up. But if you are having trouble doing xx pinwheel, you can do something called “negative edge”.
It basically means that you can press MK (keep it pressed), do the motion for pinwheel and release middle kick. That way you do not have to press the MK button twice in quick succession.

To understand the concept is really easy. Go to training mode, crouch and press (keep pressed) MK. Then wait a few seconds and do the pinwheel motion + release. You see how the release of the button works the same as a button press? It only does this for special, supers etc. though.

Should make the chain to pinwheel really easy.


do the jump mk as late as possible during a crossup so that you get the most hit/blockstun out of it. if not crossing up go for hk.


I do an ex fireball after a blocked Doing xx pinwheel is cake, I have no problem doing that. I have problems linking certain combos… I seem to be best at ones that involve light attacks for example, s.lp, xx pinwheel but doing, s.lp, xx pinwheel is a bit harder. I talked to Rico Suave and he was telling me something about how on each hit of linking combos creates a certain amount of hit stun and therefore you can follow up with another hit. So does this mean you have to wait for the recovery frames to end on each hit to link combos? Thanks for the advice.


do the jump mk as late as possible during a crossup so that you get the most hit/blockstun out of it. if not crossing up go for hk.

Thanks dude, I’m gonna work on that.


This is a pretty late reply, but yes. When you link attacks, the animation of the first attack completely finishes before doing the next attack. This is contrasting with a cancel, where you literally cancel the animation of one attack into another. Links work because, like you’ve been told, attacks create a certain amount of hitstun, creating a window in which you may or may not be able to connect with another attack depending on if the next attack starts up fast enough.