New guy needs a stick! but what kind?

Hey guys. Im an old gamer returning to this hobby after a long lapse. I still have my custom ps2 stick but im needing a new stick for ps3/360. Is the TE2 by madkatz the standard these days? I was thinking of choosing between that and the Hori RAP3 but the hori goes for 300 dollars?!? IS there anything about the RAP3 that justifies this price? Also i have no tech experience so i guess i need to buy a TE2 for 360 AND another one for PS3? What are the best sticks i can buy on the market?

TE2 is sexy, and you can mod so it will work for both ps3 and xbox

A regular HRAP 3 is $100.
The HRAP 3 Premium VLX is $300.

Best place to order the hrap sa or te2?

HRAP3 SA is sold almost every where and the TE-S drops in price at Amazon often

it might be right time to cop one of them PS3 Street Fighter IV Round 2 FightPad: Playstation 3: Video Games

Is this the only color the round 2 te’s come in?

you can recolor whatever you don’t like…

and “fightpad” isnt even the right name lol

Yes sir. The 1st round are white. There is also the S edition. but it’s black and a different shape. Although I’ve heard some “complaints” about it. The complaints are in reference to the appearance of the stick, nothing about functionality. Get the TE since it’s Sanwa stick and buttons. The HRAP3 is only Sanwa stick. But the VLX is the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen from the lot.

Ya the fightpad is a misprint i believe. Oh and the only hori rap3 sa i can find is this one for 350! ANd i thought the rap3 sa was sanwa stick AND buttons. I know the rap3 is hori buttons but the sa was supposed to be sanwa. PS3 Real Arcade Pro. 3-SA: Video Games


Yes, If you want some thing that’s a different color the Round 1 stick is the exact same stick but different colors but TE is not to difficult to paint or change the buttons

If you had a custom PS2 stick to start with, I’d say just get a converter for PS2>360/PS3. But that’s me. You don’t have to buy moth. There are plenty of stick modders in Trading outlet who would happily dual mod your stick. (But preferably, get a 360 version to be modded)

HRAP3:SA are high priced because they are discontinued. Had you bought like 4 months ago it was selling right around 120. If you insist a quality Hori stick that is still relatively cheap, get the regular HRAP3 and mod, or get the HRAP V3 SA.

If you want to save some bucks, get a converter for your PS2 stick. Read up on compatibility though.

iNPiN PS2 to PS3 Converter

Thanksgiving and Christmas had HRAP 3 SA for only $80 on Amazon!

Besides being very sleek and good looking, whats so special about the vlx to make it $300?

you get more plastic.

It doubles as a coffee table…

Also more metal.

HRAP 3 SA is all Sanwa.

Wow, price went up now.
Was only $90 and $120 during Holiday Season.