New Guy Question: PS2 version of MvC2 on PS3?


New to the forums, so if I’m in the wrong thread I do apologize ahead of time.

I’ve just recently decided I want to get really good in fighting games and the itch to play Marvel vs Capcom 2 has hit me. Obviously that’s a problem since the downloads are off the networks. Here’s my question though.

I have an older PS3 model, the kind that can play PS2 games. I also have a fightstick for my PS3 (Madcatz SF4 Tournament Edition). Does anyone happen to know; If I were to purchase the PS2 version of Marvel vs Capcom 2 and play it on my PS3, would my fightstick work for the game? I realize online wouldn’t work of course, but I guess I really just want to play the game that much.


This should be in the techtalk section, but I have a sort of answer for you.

Your fightstick will likely not work with the backwards compatibility option. For some reason, the PS2 backwards compatibility in the PS3 is not compatible with all PS3 capable controllers. I have a TE, a Hori SC5 stick based off the HRAP, and a Hori FS3, and only the FS3 works with PS2 games.


Understood. Thank you much for the quick reply.


Besides all of that, playing ps2 games on a fat ps3 adds ~3 frames of input delay, on top of whatever your TV has. Plus the ps2 version of mvc2 sucks balls.

Long story short: if you want to play mvc2 seriously, get a dreamcast/CRT TV.


check out the Facebook MvC2 group as well if you haven’t already.