New guy with Capture Card & Good Ideas

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to throw myself out there to meet new people who play SF,and tell you guys about my youtube channel
If you guys want to be part of something for everyone to see, just keep reading.

^ Its fairly new, and I’m trying to come up with ideas to put up there.
I play on the 360, and I have some really good ideas for this channel where even you guys can be on it. I have two ideas for the SF community to be on my channel. A challenge playlist where I take challenges from people and put it up there for everyone to see, and a playlist where you guys give me your greatest replays and I’ll put them up there for you.
I also have my own fights up there for you guys to see.
If you guys have any ideas I’d be happy to hear them also, I don’t want this channel to be about me only; I think it’d be really cool if it was sort of a united type of thing.
Check out my videos, I always appreciate feedback and comments, and I definitely appreciate subscribers.
My gamertag is LockonXI, send me an invite or a friend request and we can totally do some endless, or share replays. C:
We can definitely make this into something amazing. Anyone is welcome to message me on xbox.

i think one of your best ideas was to center-align your post

springtime flowers cry
shitty threads all year round
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Street Fighter would be a better played game if the community wasn’t so shitty. :expressionless:

If you didn’t like it, you could have just moved on, there’s no point in adding negativity; don’t even try to make up a reason as to why it was needed. Take your crap somewhere else. I was just looking for people to play with.

…isn’t this the SRK haiku thread?

I admit
this thread made me laugh
I am hungry.

[LEFT]But really, just here to post this:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]might have better luck. Also, if I were you, I’d just play endless sets or w/e then message them after asking if they wanted/if you could upload the set to your youtube channel.[/LEFT]