New hack possibilities

If a person can hack the Wii and insert some scripts boot them with the TP tweezer hack and turn off tripping then why stop there?

Why not…

-Increase the stun(depending on the attack) by most(NOT all moves)
-put wavedash back in by removing the “glitch fix” that causes the acceleration from the Airdash to tranlate to your walking/moving acceleration.
-Increase powershield frame window from 1-3 fr to 1-8 fr(parry clone?)
-keep the random trip disable
-nerf top tiers by altering thier health values(handicap)
-Disable most of the broken unfair glitches(infinites,chain grabs,stalling/camping stalemates methods,locks,ledge glitches)
-balence weapons for competitive play(timed use,make them rare,)
-add GGPO support

Can we get a moderator on aisle 5?

I think most of that hack is already done and ready to play.

If I remember correctly its like…

1.) Press eject button on Wii
2.) Insert Super Smash Bros Melee disk into Wii
3.) ???
4.) Profit.

The tools for isolating hex addresses for the Wii/GCN are already available with GCNrd.

Now if someone would recompile a hex editor or PowerPC dissembler for the Wii we can get some real soft mod hacks made.

Just hope there are no CRC checksums etc though…

I wish we had GGPO support, but the rest of this stuff is :frowning: , and power-shielding is easy why do you need to make it easier ???.

btw nice Nasir.

This is to everyone who does this about brawl, stop whining about tiers in this game being so bad pretty much every fighter on the market besides GGAC,and MBAC(lol) has 8-2 matchups all over the place as well, many have chars who have 0 bad matchups.

The only are the matchups bad in this game…but there is so little skills that separate good players from bad that it makes the tiers REALLY lopsided. I don’t know about items on. I do know that characters with good FSes would inevitably more popular due to how good some FSes are and how often they appear.

Edit: PS, doing this stuff would not make Brawl close to Melee. =/ Especially that balancing items, easier powersheild, and GGPO support parts, but definitely not discluding all the stuff that would be missing from Melee including characters/techs. Brawl would also have different stages and characters. Putting wavedashing and hitstun is not enough to make the game like Melee by any stretch of the imagination by pure mechanics alone.

This post is win.

well, no one said they wanted a melee 2.0, but a brawl that has more emphasis on competitive play.
as far as i’m conserned, i’m tired of melee. it been nearly seven years with that game and it’s grown a little old. but still… it’s much more playable than brawl is in my opinion, due to the fact that you could easier control your movements with the tools available. wavedashing will be a good addition because it adds to the methods of controlling your characters space. it also helps a lot for retaliation, i can’t count how many falco’s i’ve wavedashed and f-smashed with ness when they were trying to dair and d-tilt me.
L-cancelling should come back.

and to be fair… TRIPPING IS THE WORST FUCKING IDEA THAT HAS EVER FOUND IT’S WAY INTO A FIGHTING GAME. just think how it would be if heihachi could trip during his wavedash before a ewgf. lol.

Then tekken3 and tekken tag woulda been infinitely better games.

loss of movement options say WHAT. okay, you can still land cancel some moves but not to the same degree, we still have fox trotting, we have wave-bouncing, we have dash braking, more DI control, multiple air-dodges(yes you can’t move side to side cause that would make a very gay recovery ablitiy).

and Im confused with all this need more hitstun “LIKE” melee, in brawl most characters have a move which puts insane hitstun on ppl see snake, did you know instead of over tilt twice, you can do over tilt (1hit),delay, overtilt(2hits). alot of other chars can do similar crap sure pillaring is different in brawl but it is by no means no-existent.


As long as you call the game you’re playing something other than Super Smash Brothers Brawl, I’m all for it. You(by which I mean everyone) can’t say they are good at Brawl because they are good at whatever these modifications will create. You play Brawl:Rainbow edition or something and that’s ok.

On a different note, I’m a little surprised and/or disappointed how rejecting the fighting game community is to mods. Threads even get closed.

Mods arn’t the problem its trying to make mods the tournament accepted standard that is, in compy games im a huge fan of mods cause you don’t have to spend extra money and hack your system.

If you guys are still interested in this, PM me. We’ve got a lot of stuff going for Brawl now. Hitstun, wd (if you actually want it), dash dance (still working on the code), gravity mods, and a buncha other things.

Brawl+ or whatever people wish to call the hack standard that people are trying to create is nowhere near completion. There really isn’t much consensus among those within the project on what direction it should take either. I freely admit that some people who try to get involved do want it to be like melee. But they are the ones that are getting the hacking equipment and programs or doing multiple tests on game factors in order to figure out how the values that are necessary to produce some of these hacks and because of this they won’t get as much of a say when the rules become more standardized.

One thing is seeming more and more clear as time goes on though; melee air dodge is most likely not going to make it into the final code sets. The airdodge itself is sloppy and doesn’t add anything positive to the game. Wavedashing in brawl simply does not work out because of the similarities in length and the lack of risk involved makes it overshadow most other approaches.


If you miss the elements of Melee that much just play Melee. Play Brawl for the game it is. If you don’t like it, play something else.

Well there aren’t many smash bros like games out there. Messing with the coding to brawl is the easiest and thus is the version people chose to make a mod for. The majority of people involved are not doing it to make the game like melee, but something new all together that actually has most of its gameplay based in brawl’s.


the only way to fix this game for competitive play is to completely reprogram it - something i would be prepared to do, but rumors are going around that SSB4 is being made and is meant to fix the horrible sins against nature perpetrated by brawl.

i still don’t know why they decided to get rid of the SSBM board here if there are still tournaments dedicated to it. it’s not as if everybody stopped playing street fighter 2 when the alpha series came out.

The brawl community has turned this game into a joke. I’m sorry for HAL labs and how the “hardcore” smashers treat their game. I’m disgusted.

but carry on.