New Hakan 2012 is deadly

Not sure if anyone here has had a chance to fight a good Hakan player but with Guile and his lack of GTFO moves on wakeup, he’s like a sitting duck. I played a player named “relaxn” on PSN that wiped the floor with me.

On wakeup, i was get grabbed constantly. Is there any way out of this? I can only come up with backdash since i know jump is 4 frames and i’d get grabbed.

How about an effective overall strategy?

Not sure if anyone has seen Infiltration owning people with Hakan. Click this link for some vids. Looks like he’s the new Yun of 2012.

Once again, no need for a new thread every time.
But yeah he’s actually pretty good, I have a local player that uses Hakan, he’s the one that beat one of the EMP guys back at Evo

If you just hold up, you will jump out man. It may take a few frames to physically leave the ground, but you are still unthrowable the very moment you press up.

I’m going to upload the Hakan coverage that was done on our stream last night so people can see what Hakan is capable of and we can use that to deal with Hakan more accurately?

Hakan Part 2

Hakan vs Guile starts at 2:00 mark to 15 minute mark.

EDIT: The Hakan coverage was actually two hours long and I’m just waiting for that to hit Youtube. The above link is only one part of it.


Saw a good Hakan player against Mago’s Sagat in the Sagat forum.

Hakan’s FA cancel into whatever cancel into sweep in that vid should pose as a major threat to Guile. It looks like it can actually hit a jab boom’s recovery if done at around Guile’s s.hp range.