New Hampshire: The Sessions...Return of Salt Mines Starts 1/15/13


<span style=“font-weight: normal;”><img src=“” alt=“SaltMine.jpg” class=“bbcode_img”><br>
Salt Mines returns in a more streamlined form of casual sessions. Bi-weekly casuals will be held at my place in Salem, NH running from 6-11, with possibility of extended time. Every second session will be a trip to a venue in Mass, likely GU (Game Underground for the uninformed) for the sake of competition and of course leveling up. Session dates below are broken into two parts Apartment session and GU session. Choose your preference to attend and show up, simple as that!<br>
Upcoming Apartment Sessions: </span><b>March</b><b> 12,</b><br>
Upcoming GU Sessions:<b style=“font-weight: normal;”> </b><b>March 8, March 22<br></b>
Hit us up at the link below for updates, events and don’t forget to introduce yourself on the forums!<br>
Facebook event page: <a href=“” rel=“nofollow” class=“bbcode_url” style=“font-weight: normal;”></a><br>
<b>(will be updated 3/26/2013 with event info)</b>

HalfEmptys East Coast KoF Thread

I’ll be there at 6. Also, I hit up the training room pretty hard in BB this week so all my skills are back… and more frightening than ever. Hoping to see some more new faces tonight.


Granted it’s been a while since I’ve played Blazblue, SFIV, and I just picked up Tekken 6 I am making the drive out. Fighting games and Chinese food ftw. Looking forward to meeting people.


Excited for tonight, it’s on ps3 right?
Anyone have a pad i could use?


I got a pad you can use, Daikon. There will be a couple arcade sticks if you wanna try em out too. Also, wupwuh, the food is actually made-to-order so you will not be disappointed… I’m actually getting hungry right now.


Also, i doubt it, but do you guys know if 5 Dragons has WiFi? Haha, i have a marketing paper due tomorrow, and planned on bringing my laptop to work on it a little bit.


Ugh, that was a long, frustrating, and fruitless trip. I could not find the damn place.
I drove up and down canal street, but could not find 5 dragons. Aye :expressionless:


Damn, I’m sorry man.

We were all wondering about you last night too. I wish we exchanged cell numbers ahead of time.


Hey guys thanks for hosting me and my buddies blanka ball throwing drunk asses :stuck_out_tongue: had soem fun and such…Let me know if any of you guys wanna get soem casuals online or in NH this weekend, I think im goign to Wallcade on saturday (or to see Ted Leo) but if not im down for gettign together !


Any tips on where the place is? I did see 1 chinese restaurant, but it didn’t say 5 Dragons so i didn’t bother checking it out. Ugh :expressionless:


Hey Daikon, Sorry you were unable to make it last night. It can be a little tough to get to at first:sweat:. It is right off Canal st as you mentioned and if you hit main st you know you’ve gone too far. As a matter of fact the plaza housing the restaurant (among other shops and stores) is RIGHT before you hit the end of Canal st (going onto main st). The sign is a little hard to see but its there and its next to a nail salon if that helps at all. On google there is also a picture of the front of the plaza so that you can get a better idea of what you are looking for.

Noobtr0n, we really appreciated you and your friend making the trip out. It was good to get a taste of a higher level of competition. We will announce whether we are doing the $1 tournaments for the 22nd by next week. We had a lot of people missing but it was still a good time (thursdays can be a little difficult for people) but nonetheless its heading in the right direction so any help in spreading the word about what we are building will only be beneficial to all involved.

As for this weekend, My Sunday is wide open, but my sticks haven’t been replaced yet since being stolen. So if you got an extra stick, pad or whatever I am definitely down for rounds on Sunday. Stay cool people and get hype SUPER is right around the corner…:rock:


Yeah sunday def works for me, ill message you my number if you want it, and you can come to the crib on sunday and well get rounds, as for the pads/stick im sure we can def work something out

and thats goes for NH kids in the salem area (nash & Manchincluded) kids in genreal, if you want to get down let me knwo ill hiost a gathering on sunday


I am good to go man. PM me the info and I will make my way over tomorrow.


also, I talked to phil, he said we have some options for 5 dragons game night. if more people could do it, we could make it tuesday. he also said we could do every week. something to think about.


That’s awesome news Kom! I will start making the SSF4 flyers for the Play N Trade and will show you what I come up with once they are done. Any suggestions about what should be included or if someone also wants to make their own we will go with the best two. Secondly I will talk to Phil via facebook to see what those options are in detail and let him know some of the ideas we have been bouncing around. If we are going to be able to make 5 Dragons weekly and on Tuesday than there is no reason to move the venue which saves quite a bit of work.


Alright people’s Thursday night is on and for those who don’t know this will most likely become weekly within the next couple of weeks. Logistics are being worked out for the release of Super. See you all there!


I will try to make it out to this (had a blast last time), but I just got back from vacation and am suffering some serious jet lag.


I’m sure delicious chinese and intense battles will give you the energy to soldier on… though you may pass out on the drive back to Maine.

I’ll be there but I’ll be a little late. Got my setup with me though. should show up before 8.


I should really check this forum more often.

I dunno how often I’ll be able to make it out since I just started a job that’s all night shifts, but I’ll post when it looks like my schedule is clear.


@Wuhpuh: Whenever you can make it to the event would be great. I know the drive is ridiculous for you so don’t worry about it. We will keep posting up with updates so just let us know! It was great to have you there a couple of weeks ago.

@Komerade: Keep the DustLoop guys in the loop (no pun intended)

@inthesto: Where ya been man?! Long time no talk, but hopefully you will check us out soon as the night and time will most likely change in May to a more convenient time and day for everyone. Again logistics still being worked out given everyone’s schedules. Always the goal to level up and continue to have consistent numbers.

We had about 5 new players attend this past week; cool peeps (bad with names) but a shout out to them for coming and looking forward to seeing them at the next event. I also wanted to let everyone know that as of this week I will be hosting at my place during the off weeks Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays, let me know what works best for you all. I’m in Salem so it’s not a horrible drive at all. For this week though i’ll put out a time and collect a head count so PM me or post up if you can make it…It’s SUPER week after all.

Lastly to those who haven’t been able to attend or check us out: The events are a lot more organized than they sound lol. If your interested I highly suggest posting about your intention to come and we will gladly accomodate!

48 hours until Super! At least those of us who didn’t grab it from 7 Eleven =(