New Hampshire: The Sessions...Return of Salt Mines Starts 1/15/13


If any of you NH doods are hype for injustice, check out this big event we got going on at Game Underground.


penis penis penis penis penis penis penis penis, this thread is dead.

i picked up persona 4 arena again if anyone wants to play with me and nick. i’m also picking kof 13 up again so yeah, someone play something so we can hang out again gaiz!!


I also play KoFXIII and Persona 4: Arena. Looks like I’ll be busy when I visit New Hampshire during autumn.


Damn, didn’t realize it was that dead lol. ECT is a week from Friday if peeps want to come by for it. Should be a good tournament. When are we ordering our Japanese copies of BB:CP? Has Under Night come out yet on console? Will batman defeat the joker? BB comes out in December I read and you promised to teach me don’t forget!


When’s UN: IB coming out for consoles?


Hey, it’s one of those guys who was at the meet-up who never went to another weekly afterwards, and I come with an important question: I remember talking with one of you out in front of the hotel ( I believe your name was Mike) about an arcade down in Mass where you could pay $10, or $20 over the weekend and play any cabinet you wanted all day. I’m asking because I have a friend who would like to build his own arcade in a similar format, one day. Any feedback would be much obliged.


bumping it.

yep, that just happened.


Just dropped by on a whim and the thread is dead, go figure. :smiley:


Me and another guy on Dustloop and trying to organize something. A bit late, but:


bump from Keene


Bumping from Rochester.


Come on, New Hampshire. Don’t fail me now!


New Hampshire had indeed failed me.


::Awakes from slumber:: Sup folks, anyone playing SFV?? Or rather who isn’t at this point =). Moved back to MA for work related reasons, but would still like to help out with some NH gatherings. I’m in Dorchester now so I wouldn’t ask anyone to drive down, but if you’re willing pr close to Boston at some point my door is always open. If not lets get some online whenever its fixed:

PSN: Manjiknight
Fighter ID: MikaShake (haven’t started rank yet, still in the hyperbolic time chamber) (Gotta keep record of any matches…for science)

Anyway hope all NH B)


Southern NH scrub, here. Looking to level up at locals.


Alright Fellas (and maybe ladies),

  My name is Tony, I'm from the Testyourmight forums, kind of a long lurker on SRK. I'm looking at starting up weekly casuals in Weare, NH. Trying to weigh out interest and find out what games you guys would be interested in. I have UMK3 and am currently building a 3rd Strike arcade cabinet. I'd love to do tournaments on those, and we could also play some newer games like MKX, Injustice and maybe SF4/5. Post here if there's any interest. Of you can reach me over on Testyourmight too. I'll check over here periodically as well. Lets make fight nights a thing again.



Alright New Hampshirites and Massholes, let’s try this a bit more formally:

I’m starting a new weekly fight night Thursdays @ 6:00PM in Weare NH. Anyone is welcome to attend. We can play console fighters as well as Arcade games, Casuals AND tournaments with the right turn out. On site, I have MK9, Injustice, MKX, SSF4:AE, as well as Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and an Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 arcade machines (Working on building a Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 now). We can pool together for pizza, or something. Feel free to bring your own games. If interested, PM me for address. I would like to start the first Fight Night formally on August 4th. I will continue to post here with status updates, and post here if interested in participating.


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Fight Nights are starting this Thursday! 8/4/16 in Weare NH. Will probably keep it pretty casual for the first night. Will probably start pick up tourneys, hang out and have fun. Hope to see some of you there.


Damn, I missed it. I’m a PC warrior, so all I have mobile is a laptop and my PS4 stick. Let me know if it picks back up. I work the graveyard shift, so weekday nights are rough.


I get the work thing, but If you can make it, we’re gunning for Wednesday @ 6PM. Speaking with another FGC member, they let me know that Thursday conflicted with another local event. So I decided to hold this on Wednesday’s.