New Hampshire...Where are you?!

Just moved to Salem, NH and new to these forums. Looking to level up and not averse to driving but hoping there is a decent local comp scene that I am not aware of(?!) I didn’t see anything in the forum for NH, so I apologize in advance if I did in fact miss something. Please feel free to point me in the right direction:bgrin:

NH Scene is growing! Very exciting.

We got NH Rich, Nicole and Nicole’s boyfriend Will F. (don’t know his SRK name).

They live about 20-30 minutes away from the NH/MA border. So probably not too far from Salem if I have my geography right.

TOOOOOOOM! lol what up nh!

ariez e-stalking me and giving a ‘what up’ to NH. It is a good day.


Niiiiiice! Thank god, there is a heart beat in NH! Good to hear that there is a growing scene around these parts. I couldn’t believe there wasn’t anything for New Hampshire on the forums so I am excited that there is some local comp!

NH Rich: Got your PM and thanks for the reply. I haven’t met the apparent post requirement so can’t reply directly lol. Just tryin to level up and get familiar with MA/NH scene and meet some cool peeps in the process. Let me know how things work, but for now XBL is definitely a good way to start.


Thanks for the guidance Tom, most appreciated!

Just found the Madcatz TE stick on ebay for $109, but curious how much of a difference it makes in a players execution during gameplay. Anyone who has used it/own it care to chime in? Seems like a good deal to me since its usually $150+ everywhere I have looked:wonder:

i shit all over it when they first came out, but that’s because the first batch of them were made so poorly. i have to say now though, it’s the best stick i’ve ever purchased

Yo dude, I actually live in Salem myself. I’m super rusty at SF4 since my desktop broke, and my arcade stick just broke from playing World Warrior of all the fucking things. Not a huge deal since it was a PS2 stick, but I’m just completely controllerless. :frowning:

Well I ordered it. In the meantime my Horii will have to hold me down. Thanks for the heads up Weak SauC3…bought it after reading your reply:rofl:. I am liking the fact that you can also customize it to your liking!

inthesto: Let’s get some matches, although I don’t think you would be down for using a 360 controller:nono:

What up? Hopefully you can make it down for the tournaments in MA and CT, 'cause that’s where’s it at in New England. Good that there are some people nearby you for casuals, though! Cool people, even. :slight_smile:

Well, I moved up here from the RI and MA scene a couple of years ago. And was wondering, and now I got an answer. I would not mind playing against everybody. I live near Claremont, so it might…MIGHT be better to play online against people.

No doubt blueNINE, convenience is certainly nice, but not really important to me when it comes to getting in some rounds. I definitely don’t mind taking a trip to get some rounds in and hopefully that’s the same for others too. I can host a couple nights a week and have two flat screen set ups for those who want to set somethin up on a lazy afternoon.

Tournaments are the goal, but after getting stomped a few months ago at GU I learned that I have a long way to go. Playing Rose and Guile is already a challenge (although a lot of fun) as is haha.

S.Keith: I’m somewhat familiar with Claremont and remember it wasn’t that long of a drive from beantown and being in Salem now will help greatly. So whenever you want to play let me know man. Looks like i’ll have to get a copy for PS3 also!

I’m definitely down to play whenever. Just rest assured that I’m gonna be blaming every loss on the shatty 360 d-pad.

I actually grew up in Claremont for a while, but it’s been at least a decade since I’ve been there, so it’s no longer familiar territory to me.

LOL, np man 360 controller is pretty beat (I miss my Saturn controller). I can host this Tuesday at my apartment all day long (my other stick may arrive by then so you won’t have to use the controller. I might be able to host tomorrow till around 8pm if anyone wants to swing through for a round, i’ll PM the address. Add me on Live if you have it, plan on playing later on tonight.

When I said “whenever”, I probably have to clarify that Tues/Thurs is no go for me for at least two weeks or so, since I’ve got class on those days. If people are down for tomorrow night, I’ll come up too, but otherwise I’ll hold off until that second stick of yours arrives. No offense. :sweat:

And since my main computer is busted, I have no consoles (other than the motherfucking DREAMCAST), and my PS2 stick is in need of a new microswitch, the only thing I can play online these days is League of Legends.

Say no more, completely understand. Well we will shoot for sometime in the next week or so. I’ll keep you posted when it arrives.

This is pretty unexpected. Apparently I was too stupid to start a NH thread. I didn’t know there were this many players. I live in Epping, so I’m about 30-40 minutes away from Salem. We should try to get some games in some day.

As of right now, these are the NH players I know:

Justin B.
Will F. / Nicole
OmegAsit lives in Hudson but I don’t think he plays the game seriously. Either that, or he just considers himself a MA player.

…and the rest of you in the thread.

For a while I was trying to set up a venue at Holo-Dek(Kittery, ME). I’m willing to set a tournament up, but the “fight night” thing is definitely out of the question. 1. I’m lazy. 2. There is way too much time and dedication involved in making it work. 3. We don’t even have 10 players…

@ShotokanKeith: Claremont… yeah, maybe you should try looking for a VT scene?

NEC time.

Sounds good to me, we just have to find a location that fine for everyone. I don’t mind making a drive so it doesn’t matter to me at all where it is. I can also host as stated before if others are willing to make it to Salem. Let’s get somethin concrete in the coming weeks (if possible with the holidays upon us).

I don’t know how far this place is from NH but if it’s not far you should give it a try.

The place is called battlegrounds and the springfield crew and I are looking to start fight nights there. Hopefully you can show up

Google maps that ish.

It’d take them over 2 hours to pop in :[

That’s harsh ;_;