New happ/iL stick box build! (Progress with pics)


Thanks butteroj for building me the box!!!

All of these pictures are credited as well to butteroj too!!!

First off, I would like to say THANKS to butteroj. I am paying more for the box, BUT, it’s been in progress since April (when I FINALLY got my parts in from lizard lick – because of the SF4 rush). Anyways, parts came in and I was waiting on a box from modchipman. Sent him my custom “wide” design for happ sticks, and to make a long story short, I was still waiting t’il about a couple of weeks ago (beginning of sept) when I started to post up in the Trade/Outlet forum to request builders out there. I’ve built my own box before, but I couldn’t handle a router, and I’m not that good with wood. Found “butteroj” replying to my request and I saw his work before (in his profile). Not to say anything bad about the crew, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. Parts were just sitting there waiting to be built!

Anyways, here are the pics of the progress so far! Can’t wait to get it so it’ll be ready to be painted!

here it is clamped and glued!

All corners rounded!

Ready for drilling!

again, This is a plain and SIMPLISTIC happ box! Will update more when I receive the box and start painting (and the build)


Glad I could help! I was so sure at first how I would like the huge slope but after finishing I really like it.


who built the box again?


Me :clown:


This could be awesome…


button layout requested by maduhbee


that looks awesome.


beat me to it! I’m ditching the home button, never really needed one… (since this will probably sit next to my pc) It’ll also see the light of day with the PS3… When I do the wireless stick, then I’ll have the home button!


inside of the joystick

top without the plexiglass


alright i will update this thread soon!


here it is primed.


first coat of paint. See the imperfections of the corner? This will be sanded down later!

with better lighting


here it is, after sanding it down with 400 grit sand paper (first coat of paint)


That looks amazing. Are you planning on putting more coats?


here’s the joystick finished.

this is with 6 coats, and a 6 of clear. sand papered from 600-1000-2000 grit. buffed it out!

there are slight imperfections with the box and my paint job. But I’m happy enough for this one, will perfect the next one!