New(?) Hawkeye DHC glitch/tech


Posted this on another forum but got little response, gonna copy and paste it here for you guys:

This is probably nothing special and definitely not a game changer by any means, but this is a cool set-up and possible glitch that works with Hawkeye and anyone with a throw super (I use this with Thor since I run a Cap/Thor/Hawkeye avengers team and Thor is the only one in the game with a lvl1 throw super). I discovered this a while ago and I’m sharing it now because I’ve done a lot of testing and I can’t recreate this situation with any other character than Hawkeye and I’d like to know exactly what is going on here.

Basically due to some odd glitch you can put your opponent in no win DHC situations where they either 1) are thrown from blockstun or possibly even more odd 2) are combo’d into a throw.

Easiest way to set this up is to pick Hawkeye and Thor and go into training mode. Go to about half screen away and do a qcb+h and cancel into Gimlet within Mighty Punish range above the opponent’s head. Now quickly DHC into Mighty Punish. If done right the Gimlet will actually hit the opponent and Thor will come in and throw them even though they are hitstun from the gimlet (you can tell this combos because the end result after the throw is a throw 3-hit combo for 560kish instead of the usual 2 hit toss). The timing isn’t hard at all, and gimlet cancel can also be done from a normal jump in front of an opponent.

But wait it gets more odd. Now put the dummy in all block and do it again with the same timing. This time you will see your opponent block the arrow, but Thor will still come in and throw the opponent out of blockstun. Craziness.

This is a set-up I use a lot in matches, personally I like to fire a H arrow from a bit closer then mid screen, cancel into qcb+H and go from there. The H arrow usually holds them in place for Hawkeye to get above their head. And again this also works from a normal jump. Now obviously this isn’t foolproof (opponent can just hold up back when he sees Hawkeye flipping toward him). And if done from far away and not covered Hawkeye is open to an air throw or free combo. But still, I usually catch this quite a few times even against people that play me regularly.

Now as I said earlier I’ve done testing and this works with anyone else with a throw super as well (Tron, Haggar, Ghost Rider, Nemesis, etc) but Hawkeye is the only one i can get it to work with on point. What I was wondering is if anyone else wanted to explore this a bit and figure out exactly how or why this works, and if anyone other than Hawkeye can get use out of this.

Edit: sorry guys, just glanced over the glitch thread and I see this glitch is already known (has to be on 1st frame of block/hitsun). Very easy to time with Hawkeye though.


I’m assuming it works similarly to the other throw glitch, where if you throw on the exact same frame as the opponent enters block/hit stun you get the combo anyways, except this time it’s with supers. Also to clarify, MODOK also has a level 1 grab super, and Frank West at level 3 and She-Hulk have air grab supers for 1 bar.


This is old…though honestly haven’t seen too much discussion on it.


Yeah that’s what it sounds like is going on here too. The timing is ridiculously easy with Hawkeye though. Also works with Akuma’s Raging Demon. Haven’t tested it with MODOK unsure if it will work with him (does his throw still have start-up on DHC?). And I’m at work but I’ll go to the lab tomorrow and test it with She-Hulk and Frank’s air throw supers, not too sure if that would work due to opponent being in air already.


MODOK’s throw hyper has startup on DHC.


Wow that’s so cool. Hawkeye has just become interesting to me :slight_smile:


I made a quick video of this in action if anyone wanted to see what it looked like.


I was wondering how you use St H qcb H to connect? Do you have to wait after they leave blockstun from the St H and then gimlet?


It’s not just Hawkeye, I have a setup with Doom DHC’ing into Spiderman’s Ultimate Web Throw on my page as well. I’m assuming it can be used to create guard breaks as well but the timing is a lot stricter I’m sure


While this can certainly be done with any grab super, it’s definitely going to be easiest with 0 frame post flash supers.

The reason the timing is so easy with gimlet is probably that you’re able to DHC immediately post flash (on the same frame the arrow fires) and your next guy’s grab super is 0 frame post flash, making the two supers make contact on the same frame. Nice find on a reliable guard break setup.


Are any of the air-throw hypers 0 frames post flash? Looking now at She-Hulk’s, Frank’s and Spiderman’s theirs aren’t. Are there any other anti-air command grab hypers (which are 0 frame)? Cause if so it would be pretty broke if you could just get a definite hit on 95% of the cast for 2 bars. A cheaper Dirt Nap with Gimlet/Hailstorm/Vishanti to command grab etc.


This is old. It’s been discussed before. I think there’s a thread for it in the Hawkeye sub-forum.


I’ve been working on that type setup for a while Spartan and I’m still having no luck whatsoever


If you hit them in the air a delayed she hulk air grab Dhc will hit depending on spacing.

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But that’s only if you hit them. What I’m trying to recreate is the glitch that allows you to grab them around the same time an assist does whether they are blocking or being hit. If I can find a way to get air super grabs to activate this glitch then Spidey will have an unblockable setup on top of his double TAC glitch making a large majority of his high ranking teams capable of being able to abuse infinites and unblockables


Thanks man. And yeah it’s not a true blockstring, if they are expecting it they can hold up back to chicken guard out of it (can’t be throw due to being in the air).