New HDR players...who's working towards EVO 2010?


of all the new players (myself included) that are new to playing SF, who here has the goal to get good enough to compete at EVO? i would have gone this year, but i dont think im nearly ready. just wondering who i know and play against that is working towards getting to EVO.


I may go next year.

It’s a 6 hour drive for me, but I always said one of these days I’ll go to Evo.

Looks like I’ll have to work my ass off for the next year. :looney:


I would have gone this year but the plane tickets alone would cost me 1040 dollars.

Plan on saving up to go next year.


I’ll be there.

I’ll basically be a waterboy for thelo though.

2 and out represent


I’ll be there, giving Hawk all the attention he’s missed out on in 16 years in the U.S…


I’m planning to be there and gonna put some proper practice in. Still got a lot to learn and I’d like to settle with 2-3 characters.

A serious question for you guys though, I got a stick today and only messed around for 30mins but it seems pretty awkward. In the long run is it very likely to be better? Just that to be honest I play pretty well using the analogue stick and it never gave me problems.


Yes in 9/10 cases.


I have a whole year to practice HDR. I wasn’t nearly ready this year, but hopefully given the added time for 2010, I’ll be there looking to make the semis.


It’s going to feel awkward for a while. It took me a whole summer to get used to my first stick. But it’s worth it in the end for most people. It’s easier to piano inputs. It’s easier to mash. You have way less fatigue. I do feel like I give up some precision switching from d-pad to stick, but it’s worth it for avoiding a sore thumb after 5 matches.

The best part about owning a stick is trying to go back to pad and realizing that even charge characters can be hard to play.


You and me both homie.


I really think I am going to go next year. I have many things I want to work on to improve my Darth Simicus. I hope I will be able to make it.


ive been hating the stick since i got it…but, i recently switched to holding the top between my middle and ring finger with my palm facing up and it has made a world of difference now that ive gotten used to it. i can get specials out faster where i was missing alot before. if after almost 20 years of play has everyone in agreement that stick is better…i have to trust that decision.

i need to get my execution up to a flawless level, and have better reaction timing to certain things like suprise walk up throws, tick throw reversals, and learn how to combo into supers on hit confirm and then i will be ready…i hope


I’m thinking about taking the misses to Vegas for a week vacation. And then on Friday being like:

“what’s all this going on in the ballroom? Wow, its a lucky thing I brought my TE stick in my carry on. Honey, why don’t you go get us a spot by the pool and I’ll meet up with you later.”

The larger question is this: Is going to EVO worth the threat of divorce and possible John Wayne Bobbit re-enactment?


Short answer? No. :slight_smile: If you’re going to go, you’d best be straight with her. That’s what I did…and I’m still married and got to see Las Vegas…the week before Evo. :slight_smile:

If you don’t have kids, you better plan it while you can!!! :slight_smile:


If I can get my stick this year I will make it next, been playing Super Turbo for a while and HDR since it came out, though I neglected it recently in favor of SFIV.

But yeah, I’ll be repping Deejay or Guile, they got style.


I’d Like to, but it depends on my skill and money…


Where will it be held next year? I’m a crappy player so I’ll go just for the lulz. I figure I lose every match, but then go get wasted off cheap alcohol somewhere in the lobby afterwards. Heck, I’ll hangout with all the losers lol. Next thing you know we’ll wake up near a dumpster with no underwear and a bunch of Vegas hookers.

Evo FTW.


You guys should all go regardless of how good you think you are. It’s an absolute blast even if lose. And if you are working on upping your skills, you’ll realize that it’s a lot harder to keep your cool and execute correctly in a huge tournament setting. Even the best players get nervous and slip up. So, the more tournament practice you can get, the better!


I smiled reading that.

Especially because I would LOVE to see the looks on your wife’s face. First the overwhelming shock as it dawned on her what was happening, then a sense of the utter depths of complete pre-meditated hostile action on your part and massive testing of her power, the understanding of the total betrayal of the whole trip, then as the wrath built and churned inside her and formed itself into what I’m guessing would be Dictator’s SF4 Ultra: “This place shall become your grave”.

I went to EVO and had a GREAT time.
My game was crap, but I loved being there and enjoying the events and especially meeting and hanging with all the people from the community who were there.
Two thumbs WAY up.

If you are gonna train for EVO, I recommend:

  1. learning to play in various poses possible with a chair: sitting on the floor, sitting in a chair with no table, kneeling in front of the chair while playing on the chair as a table, etc.
  2. learning to play on a monitor 5 feet away from you.
  3. learning to play on both the 360 and PS3. (systems felt different to play on)
  4. training with at least one alternate character (that is great in matchups your main sucks at) who you can bust out if/when your opponent counterpicks you.

Also, I recommend requesting blind character selection, cause MANY opponent WILL try to wait until after you pick in order to try to counterpick you.
I had one opponent pick Ken THEN (after I picked Dictator) he said “oh, I gotta change something” and exited to menu… did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING… and then returned to select screen and tried to counterpick me. (I beat him, but he still tried to pull one on me)


I will put together a small group of European players for evo 2010. If you want to join us just hit me up.