New here and a modding/building request for assistance


Hello all,
I am SightlessKombat, a totally blind gamer based in the UK. I play fighting games, rhythm games and am willing to give other genres a try as well, even if they aren’t completely playable/accessible to those with no sight whatsoever like myself.

I was advised to come here by the folks over at the forums. I frequent there regularly as I am a Killer Instinct player primarily and have posted multiple youtube videos that do, in part, chronicle my journey through the game to my current skill level (such as it is) but also allow people to see, at least partially, how a game like this works for players with no vision whatsoever.

Now for the reason I’ve come to TechTalk:

I am currently, with sighted assistance, trying to build my own custom version of a hitbox. However, the main component of this, the Xbox One PCBs, of which there are two, have become rather a mess (in terms of the fact that the soldering process has been tricky and caused problems with finding contacts etc for attaching wires to). Once we have a board with wires going to the various points we need them to work with, we’ll be relatively home and dry as all we’ll do is get some chockblocks and attach them to buttons with extra wire clipped to them to allow for easier button replacement if necessary, make the case etc. However, we are, as previously stated, having issues not only soldering to the board for the Xbox One controler (a standard one without the 3.5mm headset jack), but also finding new ones as replacements for relatively reasonable prices…

Consequently, I was wondering if any of you would be able to solder the wires to the following points on a new board and send that out, as having a true professional do this would be much less hassle and stress on this end.

The contacts I would need soldered are for these buttons:
[]Dpad Up
]DPad Down
[]Dpad Lef
]Dpad Right
[]Left Bumper
]Right Bumper
[]Left Trigger
]Right Trigger
]Xbox/home/guide Button
I understand from reading the modding services post (I can’t recall its exact name), that there is only one modder in the UK seemingly who can work with the kinds of assistance we need for this project. However, I would be willing to hear what others have to say regarding this.

I apologise if this post is rather long, but I thought it best to get my introduction and question into one topic. If I’ve unintentionally put this topic in the wrong place etc, then feel free to move it.


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