New here and I need some advice

I’ve played with a stick for all my life. I fell outta fighters and video games in general a lil while ago, like around 05’ (life was gettin busy). I’m pickin everything back up, but here’s the catch; I’m gettin my stick “pimped out” so I won’t be fightin for a while, with a stick. I got leik 5 SFIV fight pads and I wanna know, should I really hop back in the game with a device I’m not gonna stick with? Should I be uppin my game with a fight pad when I’m not gonna use it for long?

My fear is, I’m gonna get use to the pads and lose muscle memory on the stick, when I get it back.

Read some books and then don’t do something silly like getting a stick pimped out.

Silly? You wouldn’t say that if you could see it. It’s gonna be the Stick of The Gods!

Eff that.

Any chance you can get to have your stick worked on and customized by a modder should be taken. Support the community.

That said, this should be in the newbie dojo.