New here, got a few questions


Hey everyone, I got some questions

Is it normal to use a xbox 360 controller to get better at SSF4?

Will SSF4:AE be DLC? Price?

Is the gate on a MadCatz TE stick octogonal or sqaure?

On a side note: I’ve used up my xbox 360 controller, so I need a stick that wont break/wear out


360 is probably the worst controller to play with. The d-pad gives a lot of people problems, and the buttons are meh. Most people use a stick or a fightpad, generally not stock system controllers. At least not 360 controllers, I know some people who use regular PS3 DS3 controllers.

MadCatz TE gate is square (yuck). Easy to mod though, from what I’ve heard.

If you need a good stick, then the TE’s are the way to go from what I hear. That or a HRAP or some other high quality stick.


SSF4:AE has not even been announced for console yet…so nothing on that.


Alright, thanks for the info


the gate on TEs is square but that is what comes stock with most sticks. And you’ll find most people play on square gates. The difference between gates is completely preferential and whatever you get used to is what you will like.


I would hate to make another thread so soon, so i’ll ask it here.

What exactly is a safe jump? Is it doing a neutral jump to avoid a throw?


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could also use the search.