New here - help me get better at fighting games?


I’ve been hearing about this site for a long time, and lurked in a few threads sometimes as well. I figured I’d introduce myself (didn’t see a “newbie introduce yourself” section here, so I guess here is where I do it)

That said, here’s my profile’s info on me (well the part that isn’t the basic info):

"I’ve been playing fighting games for years actually. My first fighting game was Super Street Fighter II on the snes. I loved it, but unfortunately even on easy it was hard for me to beat bison. This was a sign of later times. You see, most of my life, I’ve rarely been able to find someone to fight against. This was because I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and not many people I knew liked fighting games as much as me. (I live in South Florida now).

I’ve played Tekken obsessively. So much so, my friends at one point got annoyed by it. They’d come over, I was playing Tekken almost every time. I started with Tekken 4 (but picked up Tekken 3 as well) and have been playing it obsessively ever since, but unfortunately, it wasn’t until last year I ever played online, now living in South Florida and trying to gain new friends all over again. That said, I suck against anybody who knows what they are doing. Against newbies I kick most of their asses up and down the halls, but anyone who knows there stuff, beats me rather easily. Currently I’m into Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter X Tekken most, and I’ve decided I like Tekken DR more than Tekken 6 (bleh). I play on PS3 and am a pad player. Uh…ask the rest?"

I guess you can see some gameplay of how much I suck lol Here you go:

Street Fighter X Tekken:


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:

Anyone who wants to help, feel free. Since last year I’ve tried to better familiarize myself with the lingo and been watching shows such as Assist me and Cross Over so hopefully I’ll improve. Uh yeah I guess that’s it for now. :slight_smile:

Oh and before anyone asks, yes I want to become a competitive player.


I’m glad to be at such a welcoming forum! I’m just rolling in with the messages welcoming me!



This is not a place to introduce yourself and your lame videos…so fuck that.

If you got noob questions on how to get better at your games…just ask them.
If you want to meet up with other players in your area…there’s Regional Matchmaking.
Scared of people and rather play online…there’s also Online subforums.

Don’t expect everyone to come at your beck and call the minute you post…so spend that waiting time researching this forum to get acquainted.

Kick rocks…



That’s how most forums work, is you make an introduction thread introducing yourself before you begin posting everywhere else on the forums. Also, from what I’ve seen on other threads around here, people ask for general help throughout this section. So I’m not the only one to do that in a thread here, in fact another thread had people ask the person to post videos of themselves fighting so they could better help them. Furthermore, it’s not the “minute I post”. Most forums welcome their new users within minutes, let alone it’s been an entire day since I posted. Most new people who see such things would feel un-welcome. Please think before you post next time, ok pumpkin? :slight_smile:


This guy is such a bad ass, you can tell because he uses a lot of ellipses and acts like he doesn’t care.


Alright, this thread is clearly going nowhere. Going to close this down before people start throwing more shit at each other.

To the OP:

Welcome to SRK.

We don’t generally do introduction threads on SRK. There are simply too many users. If everyone did an introduction thread, we would need a section for those alone.The newbie dojo is here for new players to ask newbie fighting game questions. You didn’t get a reply as you didn’t ask a question.

If you have questions to ask, by all means.