new here...hey

Hey im new here…i moved from due to people acting like major jerks on that site >_<

well i love fighting games like rival schools and of course marvel vs capcom 2

i also have a review blog and a video series

i might not be the best fighting gamer, but i can put up a good fight ( went 50 rounds of tekken 5 in an arcade with someone and won 24 out of 50 rounds)

but i hope to make friends here

You ever watch a kid try to ride a bike for the first time? You know it’s not going to go well, but you just kind of smile and shake your head.

do you like calves?

newbies don’t last long here :sad:


If you like big feet then I guess that’s good enough…

Looks for post explaining calf fetishes and how to start

welcome you gay bitch!

parade for the queeennn


what games do you play
fighting, or jus like Xbox or w/e
ps, do u listen to lady gaga when you play

I’ll be your friend.

Ayo, loan me $20.

Down here in Tampa we say “Lemme git $20 outcho wallet.”.

Daaaaamn dude! You must be good!

what system(s) do you own, or do you only play at the arcades?

Hold on…the machine could have been on free play and his opponent could have been some 11-year old masher. We don’t know the details yet.

Sarcasm dude

Oh…I’m slow-witted today. I gave blood and my glucose is down. You could toss a ton of double-entendres my way and I’d miss them all.

well i own a ps3, ps2, wii, N64, and a super nintendo

i usually play console stuff

and the tekken 5 thing was a long time ago when i was in 8th grade i was against a 21 year old i think and i was just playing the copycat character the umm robot guy not Jack.

and seriously no “welcome to the site?” maybe i shouldn’t have gotten on here…

You lost boyy? I tell you right now the right direction is turn 180 degrees an’ just keep on walkin.

Seriously, the OP is lucky that he didn’t get flamed to ashes. :rofl:

okay what did i do? im new to the site and i get flamed? screw this…

How about trying to earning people’s respect rather for then asking for it? Have you ever gave that a fucking thought?

P.S This guy doesn’t even sound new. Probably someone making a new accounts for kicks. :nono:

i wasnt asking for respect!

i was just saying “HI”

is that ever wrong? i was new here i thought i drop a message down, and the first thing i get is " flame flame flame"

i mean damn is there a way to delete my profile without it getting banned?

It’s not that we don’t like new members…we just hate intro threads…never figured out why mods don’t put a “No introduction thread” sticky up. Talk about a waste of bandwidth. Well…SOME are at least entertaining. Anybody remember Ganj?