New here, what's up guys. I have a Hori Fighting Stick 2 for PS2! But it has a button problem. Help

Hey guys, it’s nice to meet you all. A little of my background, I’ve been a 2-D fighting gamer for as long as I can remember… Pretty long time now… it all started when young nine-year-old kid me started playing Super Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat II on SNES, then Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter at the arcades, and then I played Super Smash Bros on N64, a ton of SF series at the arcade, KOF series, SCII, MVC series, SF Third Strike, and Guilty Gear X2 back then when I was a young teenager growing up and actually still do play to this present day during my free time. Mainly KOF though, I really got into it at the arcade playing competitively and I’ve gotten pretty good at it… I really like the gameplay and combos… grew up on it. A lot of fond memories playing versus with people, friends, family.

Well anyway yeah, I was wondering if you guys could help me out on this arcade stick I bought a while ago that I had backed away in the closet for a long time… now I just want to mess around with it again. It works great, but not perfect.

It has one single problem that’s been really bothering me. It’s the square button. It’s works, but you need to press it hard to make it input into the game.

How do I fix this? I really want to get to the bottom of it and make the stick in good perfect working order again so I can pull off moves without messing up. You don’t know many times I messed up in frustration while playing the CP using the stick. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

I also have this custom made capcom arcade stick I purchased from arcadeshock a long time ago… it too was put away and now has resurfaced :slight_smile: The problem with it is that the joystick… the joystick honestly doesn’t feel great. Don’t get me wrong, everything is in perfect condition, the buttons are really responsive, the joystick does it’s job, but trying to do quarter circle forward, half circle back motions for specials using CVS2 KOF characters is a pain in the rear… I wish I had thought about the stick before I bought it… plus it’s so bulky I wish I could anchor it on a really heavy table or something… trying to play with it is on lap is… ugh, rough. Tried on the floor, still, it’s hard to use the joystick. I mainly got it for MvC2 and for SF games.

Is there a way I could modify the joystick? I remember at the arcades with KOF, they had a bat joystick that was shorter and it made clicking sounds, but it was really response and worked great. Where can I get those to modify?? By the way, what’s this octagonal gate everyone’s been talking about? Is it significantly better than square gate? What do you guys think? Can I mod both hori and capcom sticks? What kind of exact equipment do I need to get going? I also have two Playstation 3 Real Arcade Pro. 3 Fighting Stick I purchased back in 2009, I believe they have square gate.

Any thoughts on this? Thanks a lot guys. Looking forward to posting and see you guys around.

Your button needs a new microswitch. Whether or not sanwa or Seimitsu switches will work in those buttons, I don’t know. Most likely, they’re soldered to a board, which will be a pain in the ass if you’re not used to soldering.

As for the joystick, an IL Eurostick would likely be the easiest replacement/upgrade. Someone else here could be able to better answer, but if the sanwa jlw will mount properly that would be even better.

Technically, you can mod anything, it’s just a question of how difficult the job will be with what you’ve got. Read, the faq thread in this forum, and the “what stick/controller should I buy?” thread here to get a better starting point.

An important question to start with is what do you want in a stick- system compatibility, part style, toughness, ease of modding, etc.

Looking into it further, I would personally replace the buttons in your hori rap3 (with either sanwa or Seimitsu buttons) and add either a mc cthulhu setup with an rj45 output or a ps360 (either would cover your ps2 needs, the latter works also do 360). You could add a bat top to the stick in it, and if you would rather have an octagonal or circle gate, you could easily swap those out as well. That fight stick 2 will feel like a piece of trash compared to what you would have when you’re done.

Thanks a lot for chiming in to help me out on this one, I really appreciate it.

I’m looking for a fighting stick that is very responsive and pretty easy to mod; nothing really complex and overly difficult.

“add either a mc cthulhu setup with an rj45 output or a ps360”

Hmm you mean to tell me I can just simply mod my hori rap3 to work with my old PS2? I guess I should mind as well try and attempt to mod my hori rap3. I’m up for the challenge to modding. How do I get started and what are the main tools I need? Where can I find the parts exactly?

As for the fight stick 2, I want to mod it too for player two, hopefully it’s easier than modding a hori rap3.

Again, thanks, Herbert for some of the good info.

That’s correct, by swapping out the pcb you can use the same stick for multiple systems. You can also dual mod any pcb that’s common ground, basically meaning that rather than swapping out the board (though there’s little reason to dual mod a ps3 controller pcb with a custom pcb, as most custom pcb’s have ps3 support), you are adding an additional board (or boards).

If you went with the ps360, you could keep the project solderless, if you use the mc cthulhu, you’ll have to solder on a cat 5 cable (should point out that there are a couple of ps2 games the ps360 reportedly doesn’t work with, like Tekken 5).

Soldering aside, I recommend wire strippers, wire (22 awg at the largest), .110 female quick disconnects, wire crimpers, a screwdriver, metric Allen wrenches, a short cat 5 cable (ideally no more than 2’, try to get 1’ or 1.5’, depending on where your pass through mount will be positioned, either pre-made console to rj45 cables or a rj45 crimper and console cables you’re willing to sacrifice (ideally cheap extension cables), a drill and a 24mm hole saw, before nose pliers, and ideally a multimeter. The faq thread (stickied in this forum) has multiple detailed tutorials, I recommend taking a look at this one for the cthulhu: RJ-45 Multi Console Cthulhu Arcade Stick Tutorial Ver.2

The ps360 would be the same, minus having to solder on the cable- it already has a rj45 jack on it.

Actually, there’s an even easier pcb solution if ps2/ps3/pc is all the support you’re after. This ( is as easy as it gets to install, and is cheaper to boot. All you would need to install this are the tools to open your case and some needle nose pliers to remove the old disconnects. You may have to rotate the lever’s pcb or rearrange the 5 pin harness based on a common defect these boards have, but it’s very easy to do. The downside is that it’s not common ground, meaning you can’t dual mod it down the line.

So really, the important question before going further is what consoles do you want to use your controller with.

Holy wow, interesting video game system controller compatibilities… I was not expecting GameCube, Saturn, SNES, and NES! I have some of those systems. Really awesome sick good stuff… Now I REALLY want to try my hand at modding for sure. Would the stick work with Sega’s Dreamcast as well if the right parts are provided? Hmm I think the problem with that though, there won’t be any Virtual Memory Unit, unless you mod a space for it somehow or using the other controller as a memory save?

Anyway, I definitely want to use it on my PS2, PS3. Maybe Xbox too, because I also have some fighting games on it, but mostly on PS2, some on PS3. I have a lot to learn about modding…

Thanks for the links, man! I’ll check them out.

Any other of you guys want to comment? Feel free to. I don’t mind any discussions about the parts and what’s better and whats not etc.

Yeah, both the mc cthulhu and the ps360 will work with the dreamcast, but both will need an alternative solution to using the vmu. Both will work with the original Xbox also. If you don’t intend on using the 360 and are capable of soldering the cable mentioned, I would go with the mc cthulhu- cheaper with more classic support.

Hmm interesting… Well, I think I’ll go with mc cthulhu then. I have never done soldering in my life, not once. What’s it like in your experience? Have you done it before and have you ever messed up?? How much is it for a soldering tool and where can I get it for decent quality? Ah anyway… messing up… is one of my greatest fears, but I’m willing to give it a shot if its what it takes to make the stick rap3 even better, really responsive, and useful for hardcore fighting gamers like myself. Thanks a lot for the responses.

Hori Fighting Stick 2 does not use microswitched buttons.

They are 28mm contact pads LOL

You could rip them out & replace with Korean buttons or dremel out larger holes.

Cool, how do I pull that off? Is it easy or gonna be difficult? Where can I get the Korean butons? Thanks, kikimaru.

I highly recommend watching plenty of YouTube videos and practicing with one of those “learn to solder” kits. You can get cheap iron for such a light job, I’d make sure to get some decent lead solder with a low to low-ish melting point though. Crappy solder makes learning way more frustrating than it should be, and had me discouraged about doing it for years. Once you get the basics of soldering, you’ll find that this sort of through hole job is usually the easiest.
Alternatively, you could take it to any musical equipment or electronics shop that does repairs and they probably do the job for a few bucks, as it’s really easy for anyone with experience. Once the cable is soldered on, the rest is simple.
You might also be able to find someone selling a pre soldered mc cthulhu in the trading outlet here by posting a wtb thread.
In any case, if you get stuck on something, you can always get help here.

Also worth mentioning that none of this pcb stuff is going to make the controller more or less responsive. Your best bet in that regard is replacing the buttons with higher quality ones.

Awesome. Alright, I’ll keep those tips in mind. Thanks! I hope I can pull it all off correctly.

Ahh I’m gonna hold off on modding. I can’t really afford the tools and parts right now, unfortunately… all the stuff adds up quite a bit. Maybe later on down the line months later. Thanks for all the help and stickin’ with me so far, Herbert. I’ll be back though.

Yeah, it adds up the the first time especially. Then once you’ve done it, you’ll want to do more, which costs more. But it’s a fun hobby, and cheaper than most adult hobbies.

Hey guys, I’m also modding this fight stick and am looking for some info on the PCB of this stick. The stick has a three part PCB: 1) Large section for the face buttons; 2) Select, Start, and Turbo functions; 3) Switch for alternating Left analog stick, right analog stick and digital pad. My questions whether the PCB sections are:

A) common ground, this is primarily to do with the Sanwa stick as I’ve seen for single ground you either have to damage the sanwa’s pcb or remove it entirely to have it install to pcb’s that are single ground.

B) Salvageable to keep functionality, primarily the pcb sections 2) and 3) from the intro paragraph. (The other pcb I know will naturally be replaced with the custom pcb)

If anyone has modded the stick and can give me a little help it would be much appreciated.


Post pics and should be here instead of bumping 3 month old thread that also should have been asked in same place:

Absolute Question and Answer Thread v.3 (ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE!)

Ok thanks for the help, I’ll update later today with pics of the pcbs.