New here

I’m not a flat out newbie, but I just recently decided to play 3S seriously. I know this is a footsie oriented game, I’m okay at that, since I am a heavy CvS2 player (I go to tournies, etc.). I need a little help to get started off though. What is best to pratice? I can do alot of combos, but I’m good at that shit anyway. I can’t practice wearing down there guardbar, since there is no guardbar. I’m assuming I should practice red parries, like xx hadouken, red parrying the hadouken. But other than that I don’t know what to practice. When is come to high level play, I usually win only like one round, that’s because I have some sort of SF skills though, lol. Mopreme and Hsien usually beat me down when I play them (which is rarely, I live an hour away from Austin). I use Ryu/Alex mainly, and am currently trying to learn Dudley.

The main thing about learning to play 3s competitively (in my ever-humble, non-abrasive opinion) is to learn the character matchups AND the best ways to read/punish your opponent. Super-impressive parrying helps in a pinch, but overall it’s about knowing everything about what your character can do, and how you can apply that to particular opponents and characters. “Can this character punish an EX-Elbow?” “Which super do I play better with in this situation?” Thinking about stuff like that can really improve your game.

I’d advise you to just play a lot, against different people, and figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. Figure out where you feel most comfortable and work from there. After that it’s all gravy.


Cool, sounds like good advice. I’ll do that, thanks.

hey ragingstormx this is xbottledmalicex on your aim!!! Good games the other day. Ive been playing third strike for a while now. I agree with the above reply just keep doing what your doing. You will get it down!!!

will Ryu & Alex are like 3rd tier, Ryu is known as nothing as he has been in past SF games, but he is till good none-the-less. Alex is an all round close-range offensive oriented fighter

Dont scrub it with Hadouken traps from SF2 it’s dead in this game
Standing HK is a safe anti-air with great priority
Dont waste bar for a EX hurricane kick, no priority
Shoryuken (LP) still remains safe over the HP version
Shinkuu-Hadouken is the best S.A. to pick

His flash Chop, if timed right can kill projectiles
Dont use Spiral DDT, unless the character is standing.
His standing far MK is a great poke, so is crouching MP, MK and standing MP which is great for building and an anti-air.
Dont use a Slash Elbow(HK) from full-screen
Alex has a double-stun with Stun-Gun Head-Butt
Flash Chop (HP), Power Bomb is his best & safest combo
Boomerang Raid is his best S.A.


number one tactic…

use Ken/Chun/Yun. that’s all you need.

as far as Dudley goes, I’d used S.A. 1, good amount of bar, good super, corkscrew blow has lil’ range. use his ducking dash (hcf + K) to go through fireballs and strike ya opponent, When u knock down the opponent, throw a rose to keep the opponent pinned down. Dudley is known for offensive rush down’s & mix-up games.

Hey RSX, Aim me and I’ll teach you how to play Dudley. Coming from CvS2 to 3s is a little weird at 1st, but you’ll get used to it.

hey you mind helping me out on aim too epsilon??? xbottledmalicex is my sn thanx

If you want to learn dudley, use rocket uppercut for chun li, everyone else use corkscrewblow… for necro, makoto, urien, q, dudley, akuma… either super I think is okay. :tup:

victoly: goddammit, i made a thread about it: WHYYY do Dudley players only use SA1 on chunners? Is it because that will kill her fast? and I see Dudley’s alsways choose SA3 vs Twelve, I can understand that getting them out of the air but why the others? Or do you mean use SA3 as a training super?

I have recently played 3S just for kicks…I use Chun,Ken,Urien…any cheap strats and or setups??? Thanks…


One thing I advise everybody to do when starting out is to concentrate on getting good with 1 character first. Getting good with one character makes you slowly get better with other characters as opposed to playing a wide range of characters and being okay with them. Also learn to tick dash forward and throw. Ken has a quick dash and can do that well (as well as Ryu), Chun can turtle and abuse b+HP and all day. I dont’ know what you can do with Urien…

All in all, pick your favourite character and get good with them. At the beginning I liked a lot of the cast, favouring Yun the most, but still playing everybody about equally… but then I didn’t really excel anywhere and my Yun was really predictable and easy to beat if you learned my patterns. I’m pretty sure everybody has a character they will excel at, they just have to find… and sometimes it may not be the first character they fall in love with. I went through a bunch of characters and now I’m with Makoto.

Anyways I’m work so I will go.

The thing that will follow EVERY character is the Game-basics:
Offence, Defence, Throws, Parry, and SA.

Before you try setting up stuff, know the normals in n’ out.
Know that crouching sweeps are about as safe as a lightning rod in April.
Know that you are almost NEVER trapped (unless you’re vs Urien/Oro…)
Know that there are holes in the game that give you better throw range, and a defence against it.

And know that you WILL lose rounds by being OVER-anxtious.