New hori blazblue stick

Noticed this on play asia as I was ordering some fight commander pads. Probably won’t be common ground but I still like how it looks and for 100 bucks it doesn’t look like its. As soon as I can get my hands on this I’ll grab it

It’s the same body/casing as Hori’s Fighting Stick VX/V3 (which I loved). I’m pretty sure this stick has been revealed in another thread somewhere before, though.

Why would you say that it’s probably not common ground?

Also, minor issue, but your subject line is “Blaze Blue”, when it should technically be “BlazBlue”. Just wanted to ensure that correction since any searches for “BlazBlue” spelled correctly won’t get you this thread.

Personally, I don’t like how cluttered the left side is.

Still PO’d it though; after all, I needed a new stick for both the PS4/3 that is more… traditional for me. (But hey, thanks for the link)

Looks like a overpriced modded Hori Fight Stick V3

Hori Fight Stick V3

Your Blazblue Stick

Only upside its a cheaper PS4 stick than the Hrap V4 and TE 2

Yeah the only upside is the ps4 part. And I wasn’t thinking straight when I said it wouldn’t be common ground. I’m just so use to 360 PCBs usually not being common ground on hori sticks.

For $100 your saving a few bucks I guess but I like the overall design as freedom said it looks like the vx stick and I actually like that a lot.

I’m curious if it will just be an easy swap for buttons. Hopefully its not like the vx where there is a daughter board on top of the buttons.

The HRAP VX SA, FS VX, VLX (360) and Fighting Edge were all common ground. I’m not sure which ones you’re referring to?

The only ones I can think of are the Hori HRAP EX and Hori EX2 versions.

And they’re all appalling.

You’re right. But those are significantly older than the models that I mentioned, all of which were the most wide-spread and recent models from the past 5-ish years.
Perhaps @Yenjoi‌’s experience with them is only on the older ones then.

Correct I’ve only owned the ex2 and the hrap ex. Both of those have not been common ground. I’ve only moded a vx on which is why I was referring to the daughter board which is just chilling there for the buttons. I didn’t know the hrap sa was common ground though. I need to research better.

Besides that I haven’t had too much time with the other hori models. Especially the ps3 versions and for certain not the v4 one.

I’m still curious as to whether or not this specific one will be common ground though if so it will be my future next gen stick of choice because the blue is an amazing color to me and its 6 buttons.

I sincerely hope that it doesn’t have a daughter board. (That, and the buttons aren’t soldered into the main - I had the older VX for 360, and that was a pain to fiddle with.)

I think that’ll all depend on what parts Hori decides to put in this thing.
If they put in Kuros or Sanwas, then I’m pretty confident that there’s not going to be a daughter-board.

On the flipside, if they end up putting their cheapo-buttons, then it’s almost sure that they’ll put in the daughter-board.

It’s a Fighting Stick, it’s gonna have a daughter board.

Scroll down to see inside of the Persona version of the v3 awhile back. I’m sure the buttons will not be soldered if the last version was with quick disconnects.

Have to remember that the Persona stick had Sanwa buttons. We’re not sure about this one yet.

Well that is before Hori started to make Kuro buttons and the Hayabusa joystick. I think they keep everything in house to reduce their own costs.


Oh yes, very much so.

I take it you haven’t seen the piss poor excuse for a motherboard, ribbon cable wiring, Sanwa JLF with no pcb, wretched USB cable, or bizarre vertical microphone jack?

The best place for that stick is an incinerator.

I try to find some pictures inside…spécialy about PCB.

Hori in there before Sanwa on royal blue buttons. /kappa

this is exactly like the TEKKEN TAG 2 Wii U stick they made.

it will have Kuro microswitches.

it will most likey look like this inside