NEW Hori Fighting Stick VX (360) & V3 (PS3) Thread

Sucessor to the Hori EX2 and FS3?

I know I posted a link to a Left 4 Dead 2 thing, but it has pictures of what looks like magazine ads or something. If you look to the right of the L4D2 ad there is another ad for a Hori stick with a 6 button layout. It also doesn’t seem to have any wires, but they never show that in ads anyways.

What do you guys think? Could they be rolling these out the same time they roll out with the new sticks that come with the Tekken 6 bundle?

Edit: I got this from Kotaku. Link:

Looks promising. I hope those are 30mm button holes and has the joystick is mounted like a standard japanese arcade panel.

Yeah, I hope so too. I really wish that this uses a 5-pin and is common ground, but even that may be asking for too much from Hori. At least it looks kinda like a VSHG!

nice catch. and they do look a bit like the T6 sticks. Interesting… Hopefully we get more info soon!

Actually something I just noticed was that I don’t see a start and select button on the stick. Do you guys think its off to the side like the Fightsticks from Madcatz? It could just be like those small buttons at the top like the old sticks.

what im hoping for is that hori is looking at the market where they are trying to introduce a smaller stick (than the hrap) with quick disconnects, to compete with the SFIV SE from mad catz. I really hope that’s the case.

we’ll see how this plays out, and i really wish hori would release more details on this.

as far as the buttons, the image is too blurry, they could very well be on top.

Oooh, nice catch. Dunno how I missed that first time.

Looks good & simple, too.

Can anybody read Nihon-go and translate what ever is visible?

Well, the first line reads “Fighting Stick”. (the smaller one)
The one with the underline, It’s what looks to be “ri su”, I can’t make out those two kanji though.
<edit> the reason I say “looks to be” is because half of what I think is a ri is cut off. Theres really not all too much to go off of. :confused:

maybe this is why the FS3 is sold out almost everywhere.
I have a backorder through and its been almost a month and a half and still no word when it is coming. I wonder if maybe I should just cancel this order and wait and see if this is actually true.

I’ll take two of those…

There seems to be an imageless page up for at least the 360 model:

under the name “???VX” or "Fighting Stick VX"
Interesting to note that the expected release date (October 22nd) seems to be the same as the launch of the MadCatz peripherals in Japan :rofl:

(first post, yay)
Edit: release date is probably due to Tekken 6 coming out at the end of next month, also, the only readable Japanese in the flyer probably just says ??? = “series birth”

It’s the Fighting Stick V3 and the VX.

I’m pretty sure they’re wireless, which may be good or bad. I can say one thing that catches my eye is that this is the first time hori has done a 6 button layout on a sony console since the Namco stick AFAIK.

As a matter of fact, it VERY much resembles the design of the classic namco… If they go back to that quality… Well… MadCatz may have awakened the sleeping giant.

Considering that it might be wireless and its price of 5,934 yen on (compared to 6,501 yen for the EX2), I’ll hold out on any hope that competing with the SE is what Hori is aiming at with these sticks.

I do believe I see a shaft cover. Mayhap these come equipped with JLFs. If they do and they retain the MSRP of $40-50, I’d definitely pick one up. definitely has the dates for the MadCatz Asian-edition TE sticks up –

Listings for both HD-console versions although only the XBox 360 stick has a picture.

So far, no reserves available for the Asian MC stick at the major importers yet.

The PS3 version is a bit less expensive.

Gee, I wonder why? (Can we say security chip and license fee for the 360?)

Yeah, looks like the T6 sticks…nice shape, flat and wide, i like that

Hori will be unveiling their new “Fighting Stick” series of arcade sticks prior to/at Tokyo Game Show 2009 this year.

They are 6 button arcade sticks and will be available on both the Xbox 360 (VX) and PS3 (V3).

The 360 version will be white and PS3 version will be black.

More details on this one as TGS rolls around.

sounds a little like a certain stick coming with a game around halloween…

They aren’t the T6 sticks.

Look at the headset port location on the 360, it mimics the TE design.

The T6 stick does not have edges like that either.