New Hori Pad FPS Plus (PS4)


*Japanese video game peripheral maker Hori has announced what could be the best PlayStation 4 controller you can buy.

The D-pad, face buttons and triggers also support turbo — the ability to turn a single button press into a rapid-fire one.

Missing on the controller is the DualShock 4’s light bar, Six-Axis motion sensor and a port for connecting a gaming headset. Pretty big oversights if you ask me, since it means the controller is wired and won’t work with the PlayStation Camera (no logging into your PS4 with your face) and no voice chat. But at the very least the cable is 10-feet long.

The HoriPad FPS Plus will cost 4,580 yen (about $37) when it hits Japan in July. If you don’t live in Japan, it’ll probably pop up on online import stores like Play-Asia soon after its release.*


They already ruined it, The D-pad and the left analog are in the wrong spots.


I think what they did is smart. A bunch of gamers switched from 360 to ps4 this gen so now those ppl have an option from a reputable peripheral maker.


Thats a pretty bad photoshop job. The dpad and right analog stick are falling off the face of the controller.


It’s up for pre-order on play-asia

I might get one for non-fighting games. Didn’t the original version of that controller have 6 shoulder buttons? I thought that was a lot for a pad.


Bad photoshop lol?


The first image was still a shoped photo.
The final image is nothing like the first one.


Yeah I know, I meant that the dpad and analog stick still look like they’re falling off the face of the controller on the real thing. There’s a review thread for it on neogaf, guy who has it seems to be very pleased, I’m just not a very big fan of the Xbox One layout, but the DualShock 4 is so bad quality wise that I have to consider other options.


Any word on if it’s common ground?


Good question. I remember the Hori pad 4 fps wasn’t common ground. I figured this might be the same.


Anyone tried this for street fighter / other fighting games?


How bout you buy one and let us know.

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People said that the shoulder buttons were terrible.


Might as well add something useful since this got bumped.

This pad is not common ground. Nor is the previous version.