New Hori Stick Coming?

I wanted to order a Hori HRAP V3 this morning bu all of a sudden, the Hori Real Arcade Pro V3 has went out of stock on the Hori Store and on Amazon. Now this doesn’t mean they may or may not be working on one but if they are working on a new stick, what would you like to see in a new Hori Real Arcade Pro?

HORI Fighting Stick V3
HORI Fighting Stick VX

They are coming to North America in July.
Will be available and HORI USA and what other retailers.

HORI Real Arcade Pro. V3 SA
HORI Real Arcade Pro. VX SA

Those are already available in North America.
But the HRAP being sudden out of stock?

As far as anyone knows, these are just new productions of the same style/same art that was out before.
(Would be nice if they threw us a bone and put out a limited HRAP V3 SE but I don’t see it happening in the US…)

There are still online stores and physical locations that have Hori joysticks.

I saw an HRAP V3 SA or two at a computer store about two weeks ago. They’re NOT impossible to find…

They sell the HRAP VX and V3 SA at micro center aka computer store.

you can also get them online for $120-$130

The cheaper sticks actually look more comfortable than the SA sticks. It looks like they have more wrist room and the 6-button layout is very clean. It’s too bad they’ll probably be the equivalent of the EX2/FS3 in terms of hardware.

They are same, the Fighting Stick.
Xbox 360 is Common Ground this time though.

not very stylish looking either…ew.

So I was browsing Play-Asia for a new pad.

And… where the HELL did this come from?

Did anyone see this at E3?