New Hori Sticks coming in summer?

I’ve asked a seller from UK and she said me that the HRAP will be replaced by other Hori Stick, PS2/3 compatible next summer.
Anybody knows more information?

She said:
“Hori Real Arcade Pro Stick for Playstation2 - this item is
being replaced by a new PS2 and 3 compatible version. This is expected to
be out in the summer.”

Sweet holy mother fucking mother of god if its true.

I told myself I wouldn’t buy anymore sticks… but but but… ::twitches:: I can’t… but they’re so nice looking…

this would be excellent if true. you wouldnt have to worry about converters or buying a hrap3 and a hrap2. instead just need 1

Believe it when you see it.

either way, that site you posted is awesome. I now know where to buy my stick from when I get payed. <3

Hi guys, I’m new to SRK. yoroshiku.

Has anyone ever bought anything from edirectory? I found stuff on their site that just couldn’t be found anywhere else, and it seemed to good to be true! Are they for real?
Though a ps2 AND ps3 stick would be cool… sort out all those convertor-lag woes…

I was kind of wondering that too.

same here

You sound like a shill, no offense. This is just a silly ad for a website without ANY concrete info about the existence of such a stick.

Too late for “April Fools’ Day”.

Fallot >
No offense taken. I don’t know what shill means tho?
Anyways when I said “too good to be true” I meant that I didn’t believe they were legit, hence I never entertained the idea of buying anything of them before. Don’t think I ever will till someone else takes the risk for me!

No doubt, it would be pretty epic.

Not to be the pessimist here, but it’s worth mentioning that a lot of eBay sellers say their sticks are PS1/2/3 compatible in the listing title, and elaborate in the item description by saying that it’s only PS1/2 compatible but adapters exist that allow PS3 usability.


I’d buy one just to take the insides and shove them in my finkle stick.

I must be missing something here. All I see are irons and shoes for sale.

Don’t you think he was just talking about the survey was recently taking for the new color schemes of the HRAP(3) ?

Most of the items in this site are out of stock.

It’s a directory. Not a store. They’re a broker for many different shopping sites, and the actual stick (I’m certain) is from

I would not trust any information from a directory. What would they know? They just scour prices and product pages.

Erikstanton> thanks :slight_smile:

Cheesey> well that clears up alot for me, cheers.