New HRAP 3 on the way?

#1 topmost stick

Apparently from what I got from translation websites that Hori is redesigning the HRAP 3…

It’s going to a 6 button layout and l1+l2 are going to the other side of the stick on a seperate panel…

there’s a more detailed graph in the item description…


Interesting…a new HRAP3 SA…meaning it should have Sanwa parts…last SA had RGs but I thought I remember Per saying that the microswitches used for RGs and GX buttons were discontinued…I guess we’ll have to wait and see…



looks sweet


Doesn’t look like it is using RGs


Figured as much. Good call…I didn’t even bother browsing for more info. I would much rather have VSHG anyway…especially given the cost. As a matter of fact I’m getting 2 of them : )



Great find, looks awesome. Quick translation:

  • original merchandise
  • Just like a Real Arcade Pro 3, but with small changes


  • The buttons are Sanwa.
  • The two right buttons (L1, L2) are removed and repositioned to the upper-left control panel.
  • L3 and R3 have been completely removed.
  • The color is different.
  • Some minute changes have been made to improve the usability.

What I find equally interesting are the rubber sheets and wristpads being sold for the HRAPs starting in April. It says the Professional Rubber Sheet will stick to the bottom so that the joystick doesn’t move at all when placed on a flat surface. The Professional Wristpad will be some material that goes on top of the joystick to protect it from getting all sweaty and dirty from your hands/wrists.

Regarding this page, it says that the HRAP3 still won’t be compatible with PS2 games when you play them on PS3 . . . argh.


Definitely. I seriously want that rubber pad to go on the bottom of my stick. Don’t know about the wrist pad though. I don’t rest my wrists on the stick that much anyway, and I have custom art on mine.


Great. This is lame. Early adopters always get screwed.


I hate to sound like a pessimist on this, but it’s great that all these 3rd party sticks are coming out for PS3, but until Sony decides to pull their head out of their ass and start supporting the use of them on the PS2 fighting games, I see no point. Both fighting games Tekken 5 DR and VF5 aren’t 6 button games. I was wondering how we can get sony to actually listen to us and start having the HRAP3/HFS3/VSHGs to work on our PS2 games.


yeah sony will listen to us, the 2d fighting game community :confused:


update should fix this, just wait a bit