New hrap2 feels stiff?

Okay I just got my 2nd stick which is a HRAP2 the other day. When using it, there is some really noticeable resistance before the switch in the joystick engages. I also have a HRAP3 and I didn’t have this problem with it when i first got it.

Is there a fix for this?

Is it only in one or all directions? Try opening it up and checking out the stick. I remember an old post similar to this about someone’s Sanwa JLF having more resistance when activating only 1 of the directions. The others were fine.

what exactly would i look for?

anything up feels stiff (7 8 and 9), everything else is fine

Don’t jump :wgrin:

Something that’s not supposed to be there?

Sounds like your up switch is the problem switch. Try activating the switch with your finger and compare it with the other switches. If it is the switch, then you should try to buy a new PCB for it or maybe even exchange your HRAP2 if it’s a local store or if return shipping = free/paid for by your seller.

i bought a new jlf a while ago and it was kinda stiff, i just assumed it wasnt broken in

do you still have it? is it fine now?

mine makes a squeeky noise now :sad:

oh well i plan to get an ls-32-01 anyways. so it’s sort of fine for now

Hell yeah, Seimitsu LS-32-01 is awesome and sharp movement but noise cherry micoswitches from Japan. :confused: