New HRAP2 Special Addition with Sanwa parts and Pelican!


I have a fresh, new HRAP2 SA with a light blue ball top on the Sanwa stick and light blue Sanwa buttons. The face cover is the dark greyish/black so it makes the color on the ball top and the buttons stand out. This one is for the ps2 but I will include a ps2 to ps3 pelican converter with it! These buttons are new and so is the stick so I need to at least make my money back.

Im willing to let this go for $150, and remember that Im including a Pelican converter so its like Im selling 2 sticks for the price of one!

Pics posted!

Here is the godlike stick!


lowered the price

will post links as soon as I get the pics uploaded


I will have the link posted in 20 mins. roughly


taking any trades?


Here is the godlike stick! I might take some trades, what do you have to offer?


pm sent


do u have the box still


@meus: i had the box, but i moved just like 2 weeks ago and i crushed it when i was moving my television! i had to let the tv go cause i lost my grip on that monster and the box happened to be right under it, i finished it off in my fit of rage lol


would you trade for a new HRAP3SA?


Would take a partial trade+cash?


Tempting, but I dont need another next gen stick…im going to dual mod my TE stick and solve that problem of different tourneys hosting with different systems.

What is the trade? PM me.


I might be interested in this.
Would you be willing to sell just the stick without the converter?


This is a nice deal. Someone needs to jump on this before I lose my self-control.


is it $150 shipped? If so I’m all but sold, if not I’d like a shipping quote. PM sent


Yes, I would sell the stick without the converter…and it would cost you $130. That goes for anyone else that just wants the stick without the converter. This is the best stick that ive ever owned but I quit 3s because of sf4 and im dual modding my TE so i have no use for it anymore


sent you a pm