New Hwoarang Changes, New Beginner Guide Incoming

Hello guys, This is TekGenbu. As some of you know I previously made a Hwoarang guide in the current version of SFxT. But due to the game not being successful, many have stepped away from it. I’m here to tell you that I will be playing this new version of SFxT. I also will be making a new guide as soon as I get my hands on it. Until then my friends.

Here are the Hwoarang changes you can look forward to.


• Command Change - Spinning Trip Kick changed from db+LK to b+LK
• LK - Reduced frames by 2 (+6F on hit/+2F on block)

  • Can be canceled
  • Hurt box enlarged
    • MP - Hurt box enlarged
  • Knee area is now invincible against air attacks
  • Hit box enlarged
    • HP - Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
    • HK - Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
    • cr. LP - Startup 5F->4F?
    • cr. LK - Reduced frames by 1 (+5F on hit/+1F on block)
    • cr. MP - Startup 6F->5F?
  • Reduced frames by 2 (+6F on hit/+2F on block)
    • cr. HP - Push back on block when used in boost combo reduced
    • MP (During Flamingo) - Startup 6F->5F?
  • Reduced push back on hit
    • HK (During Flamingo) - Hurtbox on feet is invincible against air attacks
  • Causes knockdown on midair hit
    • Tsunami Kick - Can transition to Flamingo Stance 2 frames faster
    • Air Raid - When 3rd hit connects gives additional 6F of advantage (L hit +8, M/H hit +6)
  • Reduced push back on block/hit
    • Air Raid Special - Increased advantage on hit by 2F (+8 on hit)
  • Reduced push back on hit/block
    • EX Air Raid - Reduced Hwoarang recovery on hit
    • Dynamite Heel - Midair hit causes bound
  • Midair combo count usage changed to 2
  • Damage 100->80
  • Hit box enlarged
    • Heel Explosion Combo - Reduced push back on hit of first hit
  • Hit box enlarged
  • Changed hitbox properties
  • Midair combo count usage of first hit changed to 0
    • L/M Sky Rocket - Reduced block stun by 10F
  • Reduced push back on block
  • Reduced screen freeze by 2F
    • Falcon Dice Kick - Damage 120->130
    • Bring It On - Damage 120->130

Special move meter gain:
• Hunting Hawk (H): On hit 10+10+20(40)->15×3(45)
• Air Raid: On hit 10×3(30)->15×3(45)
• Dynamite Heel: whiff 15->0/On hit 40->5

Dem Hwoarang buffs! he is gonna be awesome in 2013. I actually like that command change to the tripping kick.

Amazing! I’m really looking forward to it.
Was the stMP hitbox really enlarged even MORE?

when they say causes bound that means when Dynamite Heel hits they just get KD or is it like Dudley’s j.HP or is it his j.HK?

Bound means juggle

It’s Duds jHK and bound means normally ground bounce afaik. And yes, it would be like his jHK then

damn,improved hitbox plus juggle.Dynamite Heel gonna be raping faces.

I’m guessing/hoping that this combo is now possible: Hk from flamingo stance to anti-air and cause float state, then use dynamite heel to slam them down for a ground bounce to continue the combo. That would be sick, I hope that’s what they were going for with their changes.

Overall, Hwo got some very clever changes. I’m wondering if the additional 2 frame quicker switch to flamingo from tsunami kick will allow for greater combo potential. That could be a real game changer for hwo, makes tsunami kick a very powerful move (whereas it was lackluster before).

I’m still hoping they fix the problem where his kick strings whiff on a crouching Sakura.

Yeah, i think that combo could work.

Btw: we are discussing this in the Hwoarang general thread too!

Looking at the frame data, and additional +2 should allow a just frame link into the quick kick combo. Doing the math, that is 373 off of an overhead.

Tsunami Kick > Full Quick Kick Combo > Flamenco RH > Hunting Hawk… That’s nice…

Can someone find out what we can do after Tag Launchers with the Dynamite Heel? I can’t find Diddly to do with it.

Edit; Never Mind. Found out you can do Sky Rocket Kick after a Roundhouse into Dynamite Heel.

Yeah, but it’s most of the timer better to do crMP - crMP - HK HH damagewise. Good to have, e.g. for Pandora uses off the bounce. Haven’t found anything else yet. HK - Heel uses so many juggle points that you just have SR/Launch/crHK

Damage wise, that does less damage than HK Roundhouse into HH.

Oh yeah true. That’s usually even better due to scaling

HK HH does the same damage as H Sky Rocket, so actually adding in a 3rd Move (Not counting hits, but a move itself) Makes the Damage Better. My Typical Launcher Combo does 20 more damage than Roundhouse to HH Because of it. Give it a shot, see for yourself.

im relearning my team of Hworang poison and poison and lili so gonna keep an eye out on this thread.

Ok so now he should be able to go into fla stance 2 frames faster from tsunami kick, but it feels just the same as 2012 to me. The most I can connect with is fla LP, maybe my timing is off for some of his better stance combos.

So Hwoarang’s General ‘Game’ is still the same, but with all the system changes and changes to his own combo potential, Hwoarang’s got even more to work with. Since he can play Footsies with the best of 'em, Hwoarang can apply pressure and apply what I call ‘Pseudo Relaxation Moments’. Essentially With Hwoarang’s Fadeaway Kick, he can jump over an opponent’s low hitting maneuvers and catch them for a continuation of the combo. He can also try their patience. Badgering them with his Pokes and Dynamite Heel pressure, before entering Flamingo Stance and taking a hop back. The opponent may try to reversal their way out, which for you is a good thing. And the pressure game continues!

What are Hwo’s best new combos with no meter? With Flamingo and without.

With one meter it’s so sweet to get 400 off of the fMK OH :slight_smile:
Even without the link into FlaMP. I just do fMK-Fla LK-MK-EXHH-jHK-crMP-HK HH.

Did you find any useful new setups for his Super. Something with Heel or so? I can’t really find anything great with heel.

Btw: HK ARS from max height straight jump in the corner crosses up

He has also retained his fla stance os tech. All you gotta do is switch both QC1 and 2 to preset 1 :slight_smile: . I hate that i suck at fla combos. Even tho the trasition is faster i still cant get it. I can get my nina combos but not hwoarangs.:frowning:

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