New Hwoarang Changes, New Beginner Guide Incoming



Biggest changes I’ve noticed:

  1. Tsunami kick: Hwo can now link this into his flamingo mp (I’m pretty sure it’s a 1 frame link but it’s much easier on counterhit). Thanks to the 120dmg from flamingo mp, I’ve been able to get meterless boost combos from this of 400 dmg which is pretty nuts.
  2. Air raid special: Can now definitely combo when hitting crouchers or the feet of standing opponents, making it much more useful for blowing up anti-air normals.
  3. Better pressure and confirms thanks to buff on cr, mp. I’m still not sure exactly how much quicker it is and the extra frame advantage it has, but I can now link into attacks instead of always having to go for one of his strings to confirm something.
  4. St mp is a good far range anti-air now. It’s not that necessary against most jumpins since his dp was already very good at beating attacks from most ranges that would hit you. It does come in useful for stuffing neutral jumps and people jumping back in the corner.
  5. Groundbounce on dynamite heel on airborn foes. This seems useless as far as most combos go.due to it eating up practically all your juggle potential. It does however have use for groundbouncing backdashers on wakeup if timed right. The hp version can even catch chun-li’s backdash and lead to a big combo.
  6. His flamingo hk also has some anti-air invincibility as well as floating opponents in the air. It’s invincibility spots are pretty weak and it has bad startup so I find it gets beaten out a bunch making it not useful. You can use it similar to dynamite heel to float backdashers, but I think it’s a worse option since it cant hit crouchers. Its best use is probably against neutral jumps and ppl jumping back in the corner. Here’s a nice simple corner combo to punish jumps: Flamingo hk xx dynamite heel, then hard sky rocket.

Nerfs: Biggest nerf in my opinion is his mp chained to hp being much more unsafe due to hp no longer pushing back on a blocked boost combo. But the entire cast has nerfs like this. Still, It hurts Hwoarang’s ability to use longer range footsies to lead into big dmg. Not the end of the world.


new aa combo! lk.dp xx lp.dh lp.dp xx rh.dp. sorry i dont remember all the names of the moves. But i used to do just lk.dp rh.hh which does 300 and this new one does 349 and u could swap the with st.rh if u get them high enough and it does 379


So now crLP and crLK are framedata wise exactly the same. So crLK is obsolete isn’t it?

  1. What are your new hitconfirms? More links, less strings?

  2. What are the moves you use most to setup Pandora? EX HH obviously.
    But what about no meter setups? I thought HK HH is good for it, but everytime I try to go into Pandora with Hwo and the opponent still bounces, Ogre’s Super misses.
    Heel? Well, starting from Fla MP-MP? Not so great and a bit situational…


I usually use cr.LK to attack out of blockstun because I can “plink” it with LP to help with timing. cr.LK also has a bit less pushback when you do it up close, so it’s better for setting up tick throws.


Ah good point. Even the range is just a tiny tad smallee on crLK. What about the other points? You know him really well.

Thanks Doc.
Yours, Doc


I haven’t really explored new links or pandora setups yet. I’m still using most of the same combos as before.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think pandora resets juggle counters like switch cancelling does. At least that’s what I’m guessing since so many things just whiff when they shouldn’t. I haven’t done much testing, but iron heel definitely works for starting pandora, and I imagine his chainsaw kick does as well. You could already do very good damage off of these if you have meter, but if you don’t then at least pandora allows you another option for getting 400+ damage.


I love this character <3


You still working on that new beginner guide?

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Mannnn, This guide is finna be the junk. I have a video in production as well. Demonstrating my New Hwoarang BnB. And most like will be the BnB because its the most consistent and works anywhere on the screen. 443 Solo. no gems. Gonna be epic. Stay tuned.


Hwoarang, I love you.


Part of the new guide is up…check it out. I have that Bnb on there. gonna finish updating later today.