new i phone

there is a new i phone comming out and i was wondering if its worth waiting for or if it’s just over hyped?

what is the general concensus about the phone?

no, it’s too expensive.

get a blackjack + good MP3 player and you’re set.

Personally I want the iPhone because I can read emails in a userfriendly way (maybe send it back to my Mac Mini, dunno if this is possible) and go on the internet, not the “shitty internet” I have in my cell now :/.
Maybe not the best phone but I think it is good.

No keyboard = Worn out screen

with keyboard = Something id buy :slight_smile:

:rofl: i thought this was a bot thread
i was about to unleash my fury ;p

… video phone can’t sell this. That technology is coming to the states. Yet if you do get it, your 50 odd iPod revisions will die in a fire. It just seems to be the iPod taken to a new level. Still, looks good for what it is.

…that went well.

Cingular has a really good side slide phone. It’s perfectly fine for reading emails, and it’s a touch screen.

Seriously guys, about $150 of the price is just going to Apple for no reason other than it’s Apple.

Same with the IPod. Most of their music players are comparable in price to the Creative ones, but for the same price, why wouldn’t you go with the Creative? You’re not confined to a program, you can use the cheap Yahoo Music files (encrypted .wma) and they’re $6 a month for unlimited downloads, you get a radio, voice recorder, and sometimes more, and the sound is better overall.

iPod is NOT the replacement word for MP3 player.

1st gen apple product, that’s all that really needs to be said.