New ibuki thread

i didn’t like the way the last thread was going… start fresh anyone? hopefully i can answer some questions as well…

lets start off with this!!

ibuki’s linking normals (not talking about specials moves here, all normals!!)

first, i am not going to talk about roundhouse launchers (or sweep into launch), that can be discussed later

here we go.

air -
lp > toward + fp
lk > toward + mk
fp > toward + mk

ground -
s.lp > (1 hit) > s.fp
s.lp > (1 hit) > s.fp > s.lp (yes this works! gotta be strict on timing)
s.lp > (2 hits) > >
close s.fp (2 hits) > > > > > toward +
s.lp > > toward +
** > s.lp > > toward +
(** yes this works!! practice it!!)
toward + mk,
deep toward + mk > >

yes, you can combo 2 standing strongs!!

umm thats it for now.

you can do the first 3 ground links with out the standing jab, just subsitute the for back +


s.lp > (1 hit) > s.fp > s.lp

Can you continue with > toward +

that would be nice, and hella cheap :evil: but no, you cant. you are pushed to far back.
you CAN however follow up with S.A. 3 super

so (all standing) lp > mp > hp > lp > S.A. 3

i have done it 4-5 times… it is actually really tough (for me anyways)

by why do this? there are too many other things you could do instead of the jab after lp > mp > hp

the only reason i could see one doing the lp > mp > hp > lp, is then mix up at that distance after… like do a toward + hk right after. it will go over anything they throw out low, and will stuff a lot of moves, incuding some supers.

After the rh. launcher, reset, I sometimes have trouble doing 2 short command dashes. What happens is that the first one crosses under the opponent, so the second motion ends up being a hurricane kick. I guess I could do the motion backward, but is there any other way?

I used to do a rh dash, but in the other thread, they suggested 2 short ones for better recovery (though I never really had a problem). Also, I try to never do the same thing twice.

launcher follow-ups and my ibuki philosophy - a 2 in 1 post!

hmmm… lets see what you can do after launch (broken down by what options you have)

  • launch into mk. reset -
    a. rdp (reverse dragon punch) with hk (only against scrubs… tooooo many people can parry and see this now)
    b. short command dash into rdp with lk ( do not do against anyone with uppercut)
    c. regular dash into mixup game from there. i would recommend this one the best. you can block if the attempt a wake up move (recommended, try to walk a step back and block incase they attempt a throw also), otherwise throw, uoh, raida, super jump super #1, foward + roundhouse, and many more…
    d. super secret move that works one time in a match - qcb + mk or hk. the first will whiff, and they could get hit by the second. this is really random, but thats what ibuki is about. lol

so after the mk reset, i recommend getting back into thier face and wait to see what they will do and stuff it or block and punish

  • launch into c.hp into super jump and ex daggers to cross up-

  • launch into late back + mp > hp -
    a. dragon punch with kick ( this works well so you can immediatly follow up with a couple of regular dashs and confuse them
    b. lk command dash - ( this has a couple of follow ups as well)
    1- walk back and foward to mix up and re-launch them (this is an awsome way to mix it up. it requires timing, but as soon as you master it, you can confuse them soooo many times
    2- throw
    3- raida
    4- dash again to other side and throw or raida
    5- walk back and block and punish after

you can do more to part “b” listed, but those are your best options, especially #1 you can re-launch 3-4 times and stun. but obviously it is easily the best one to fuck up on because it is guessing game with left or right… also with re-launching the odds come more in your favor after you do 2 repetitions of it because they will most likly try to block or parry, so you can throw or raida. i would say this is medium-high risk/great reward that you can abuse

my ibuki philosophy -

heres the thing… ibuki has a tendency to want to rush down and attack… she has all these flashy combos and jump ins but does shit with them… you just get stuck into a pattern with her and become predictable.

i felt i was at a peak with my ibuki when i “knew” all the combos and could do them, but still wasn’t winning as much. I had to slow down my ibuki sooooooo much before i made any real progress with her. She has a high learning curve, but can be just as deadly with mixups on the same level as makoto IMO…
be patient, and learn what stuffs peoples attacks.

  • abuse standing jabs
  • abuse standing strong, even against shoto. it can stuff them when they go for a low forward, and then link a foward + lk after, even it they parry)
  • abuse c. mk and sliding, especailly to mess up their cross-over attempt (with the sliding mk), but do not become predictable with it
  • semi - abuse the forward + roundhouse
  • semi - abuse neutral roundhose (far) to hit people on the ground and as an anti-air.
  • abuse her throws and dashes follow up, which leads into abusing her raida and mk > raida as a mix up

don’t go for combos all the time… 1 hit stuffs do extremly well, and have great mixup oppertunities then most situations when you get then into a long combo.

just my 2 cents

launcher follow-ups and my ibuki philosophy - a 2 in 1 post!

I think this is about where I am. I’m getting out of my patterns, but still rushdown a little too much. I need to work on slowing down and execution can always improve. My friend plays a really mean Makoto and I can keep up with him pretty well, but he comes out on top more often than not. Makoto vs. Ibuki is probably the most confusing match there is.

ibuki vs makoto

makoto vs ibuki is really tough. you can’t rely on block so much because to the command grab that makoto has… but her hayate (dash punch move) is so good…
i am confident in my air parrying, so i do use the late dagger trick against makoto and mix up from there, and this means i am ready if they do a straight up roundhouse or forward (parry then air throw). try mixups like deep slide, into throw, and then dash around her or do late dagger. a blocked raida does not let makoto command grab you (to my knowledge… have to test it out), but you can get punished by whatever else…

keep her away from you when she is in the air with well timed drgn punches with lk ( can definitely beat out makotos axe kick in the air if timed early and right), and launch whenever you get the opportunity!!! parry launch!!! and you can do the toward + forward, and then defend / uoh into defend and punish after…

learn to watch makoto patterns, like when to parry low and when to jump away from the command grab. also, jump straight up and just jab, or mix up with fierce and roundhouse and late dagger. the jab stays out there for a loooooong time, so you can re-position yourself and the situation when you land. also, if you know she is going to jump, early jump roundhouse.

if you get one parry against makoto up close, launch!!

if anyone else has some questions ( matchup, combos, situations, blah blah blah) ask away!:smiley:

Super jumping after s.lp,, ->…

Would lp, f+hp be better than lk, f+,mk?

I personally like lk, f+mk better. It just feels safer.

Nate is good! Im not… =)

hk follow ups in the air

options from follow up s.lp > > > super jump after them are:

  • lk > toward + mk

if they are crouching, you will have a very tough time connecting this two hitter. the short will hit, and the forward could whiff. notice i said could! i have seen it hit and not hit, so we probably need to test this.

  • lp > toward + hp
    better option IMO it hits more times if they are crouching than the kick 2 hitter. also, it stuffs more normals than jumping short does. also, on big chars, just super jump and do this. it works great lol. i feel this is the safer of the two.

  • emtpy jump in
    take your pick - parry (air), throw or block when landed, raida… whatever,

  • late dagger
    good move to use, except a wakup dragon punch will go right through it. thats why you mix it up and parry that uppercut!!

  • EX daggers -
    use this!!! its a great cross up, and pretty safe if they block it, even parried. if they parry both, do raida or throw.

you could do hp > toward mk chain too, but jab has so much priority if you hit them early that is. fierce is best when it is a deep jump in.

switch with jab > forward + hp and just a jumping jab, and then mix the late daggers and EXs too. stick with those 4 options if you are going to attack from the air. IMO

Edit: jumping forward is good too don’t wanna leave that out.

yeah… i am re-discovering ibuki, giving my style a semi-makeover. yesterday i wasn’t so hot… but ibuki is hard to win with. you have to work it you know

oh yeah… little side note for everyone

get up close to an oppenent somehow and do back + mp > hp. if they are crouching and either gets hit by the back + mp or even blocks it, the hp will whiff. just immediately throw after, or even better yet, super #2. super #2 will ALWAYS work if you do it as soo as the hp whiffs. you could raida also if you think they will do something. this does not work for certain chars though, dudley, akuma, hugo, urien, q come to mind… but it works on chun, ken, yun
:evil: :evil:

remember they have to be crouching!!! not standing!!!

back + mk into toward + mk

ok this back + mk into toward + mk is pretty wierd if you guys haven’t seen it before. if you both moves by itself (after you see the completion of the move, including recovery), one after the other, it is slow and can be predicatable.

do the back + mk first and while her leg is out and hits the person, immediately input the command torward + mk, (kinda pushing mk here a couple of times so you don’t miss the window), and this “cancels” the ending frames of the back + mk and ibuki goes into the start up frames of the toward ++ mk. the toward + mk will hit people who will try to jump after the back + mk. it is not a 2 hit combo at all.

so to clear up confusion… the back + mk “cancels” (i know there is a term for it) after you connect the leg with your opponent and goes into the toward + mk. use on people who would get hit by back + mk even when they are ducking - dudley, akuma, hugo…

its an ok thing to do, considering it just added an extra “tid-bit” to your arsernal of mix-ups…

anyone have questions about ibuki? or comments? wanna keep thread alive.

I know that the s. rh can be super jump cancelled, and I know that super jumps can be cancelled into moves (see alex’s kara-chop thread or yun s.mkxxSA3).

Given that, is it possible to cancel the s. rh into a move? For example: s.rh, d,df,f,uf+kick to cancel into command dash.

More eveidence that this should work is that you can do s.rhxxSA3. I’m talking about the far s.rh here, but the same theory should apply for the launcher.

Also, I’ve I used to mess around with rh launcher, sj toward, dagger (can’t remember which one). Sometimes Ibuki lands behind, sometimes not. Is there a way to control this?

I thought you could only super jump cancel with super moves? And I’ll have to test out the launcher/dagger thing.

nate: good stuff with the vs Makoto match. I wish I would’ve read that before last Saturday.:bluu:

How do I beat Ken with Ibuki? :frowning:

I just realized that you were the ibuki at FR7. Haunts’s makoto is the “mean” one I was talking about.

neato, an ibuki thread without all the drama to sift through.

just wanted to note how sometimes when I’ve been using the EX hein to catch a landing oppenent (from a jump) across screen, sometimes i would miss and fall behind them. At first this was frustrating, but one day i accidentally threw out a raida as soon as i landed, and i’ve been using it since now that i don’t consider landing behind them as an opening for me :stuck_out_tongue:

so it’s an easy way to punish someone whose across screen and jumping alot, just learn how to time your EX hein at right when they land so they can’t really do anything (but maybe DP? i’m sure that’ll ruin my wishful thinking :x) and be sure to take advantage if you end up crossing up your oppenent on a whiffed EX hein :stuck_out_tongue:

more ibuki madness

sandu :
you can cancel after the first hit of a “normal” (s.rh) into a super, but to my knowledge, you cannot do a special move, like the command dash. this is why you can do the far s.rh and super-jump cancel into S.A. #3, or close s.rh and S.A. #2 or 3, but not do a special move like her command dash after.

“As you may already know, super jumps aren’t instant in 3s. There’s a “pre-super jump” animation (whose length differs depending on the character) during which you can be hit by ground moves but cannot be thrown by normal, command and super throws. That pre-super jump animation can be canceled by specials and supers (see twins/Chun/12 super jump super cancels), which is why the Flash Chop will come out even after the super jump has been initiated. Therefore, it adds a short period of time before the Flash Chop starts coming out during which Alex cannot be thrown.” - from the alex thread - thanks billy kane!

as with the kara-flash chop and super-jump flash chop like discussed in the alex thread (great ideas!), that applies to doing that motion for just the flash chop, not doing a normal canceled into these motions. i like the super-jump flash chop idea because that moves alex into super jump frames that are invunarable to throws and and grapplers (hugos gigas) that ends up being whiffed by an oppenents throw, and then the flash chop will punish them. we could use this idea for the raida by itself for ibuki, because throws can beat them out sometimes… have to check it out. but we can not use this method after hitting the s.rh and canceling the second hit.

throwing a dagger after you launch them is also a good mix-up. there are two things that come to mind when you said that at first.
1- if you launch them and super jump forward to them and hit them with a dagger while they are still in the air, it will semi-reset them - meaning it will hit, but then they will land on thier feet ( cannot be hit again in the air to my knowledge, cause i’ve tried itand it doesn’t work!!). you could eat a wake up move, like anyone who has a dragon punch. so be sure to block after. but you could get thrown, so raida also…hmmm…
or better yet, launch, follow up with super-jump and dagger, as soon as you land, dash to other side and mix it up. that seems the best way to get for sure damage on them.

2- launch and super jump after them, and throw a late as possible dagger at them. not sure which side you will land on really depends on character, if they roll as they get up, and how late you toss that dagger. toss it at the last possible second and dash to other side and mix-up from there. that seems like the safest/ most damaging way to get them off gaurd.

which dagger are you guys using? I would probable be using the jab or strong version not sure if it would make a difference though

wow, i am learning a lot of stuff here too!

also, other things you could do with he s.rh launcher, is super jump after them, and do the fierce > toward forward air chain. it can be a toss up where you land, in front or back, but you can then dash through them once you land and do whatever then - (take your pick) - another s.rh launch, into raida, radia, throw, low attack, whatever. (thanks to alex for this)

you can even do launch and follow up with ex daggers, and mix it from there, again dash, or double dash, raida, throw for turtles.

more stuff later.


depends… are they jumping away from you, backing themselves into a corner, or jumping to you, but landing way short of where you are standing?

if they are jumping back, you could use the ex hein to catch them, but if you do it early, you could still get hit by any attack they throw out if they are still in the air, (kens roundhouse, mokoto roundhouse comes to mind), or even land right in front of them. then you could do the radai, but a dragon punch will make you think not to do it again. the ex hein is like a homing missle on wherever they are at that moment on the screen. so you have to time it just before they land so you will get in thier face with it. i have never heard when ibuki lands behind them unless they are jumping at you, and even then you shouldn’t use ex hein when that happens.
in fact, i personally would not recommend using the ex hein to catch a jumping oppenent. just chase after them using jumping roundhouse and early forwards, or even a parry into air throw, and mix-up timing with daggers
i use the ex hein when they are far from me and when i know i will catch them with it, like in a turtle game of waiting and walking back and forth and occasional pokes. just wait it out and see an opening, and ex hein into super. also, you could do a close into ex hein as an overhead on them. it works…sometimes

ibuki vs ken


depends on what kind of ken you are playing… a turtle one, a poking non stop one, or a turtle poking one

a turtle ken who is too carful can be rushed down like no tomorrow and get thrown and raida-ed all day… just dash around a lot. nuff said

a poking non stop ken can atcually give you some trouble, but this is good, it gets you mind thinking about stuffing his attacks and adds patience to your ibuki game. this time, wait it out and raida him, throw, but not as much because you can get poked out of it, uppercut anyone? this helped me get to the “next level” of street fighter because it actually opened up my eyes (corny, i know) and got me thinking a lot. watch poking patterns and learn to down parry.

a turtle poking ken (the good kens) will give you the most trouble. only thing i can say is watch for throw attempts, and tech them. these guys will get you into a corner and not make you leave. don’t go for the rushdown, you will most likely lose. just think and attack with pokes, and don’t rely on combos. rely on throws and raidas and huge mix ups. bring out your dashing game, but change it to dash turtle - poke. learn to bait, which i am still learning to do. do a a little inside sweep distance to bait out a low attack. just parry it and punish, or wait if they will do a uppercut or super.

edit: also, if you know when they will poke when they have you in a corner, fierce raida them. don’t try to parry every time on jump-in attacks, cause they will mix up timing or empty jump on you. early rh uppercut works, but don’t do it a lot, block and wait to see what they will do. its a lot of patience. knock him to the floor and start you mix-up game. its just knocking them to the floor part that is the hardest.

always mix up ibukis daggers on all three. even more careful on the last ken discription. do more jump straight up and late daggers. that helps.

ibuki vs ken is a match in kens favor, but ibuki can definately turn the tables if you slow her down and fight smart, not hard…