New iceman combo

Hey guys, i think i just discovered a new iceman combo. It goes like this… /\ jab , cancel into artic attack. Nah its not really mine but believe it or not , theres this scrub at my school who uses nothing but chip charicters, plays keep away, spams dooms assist and chips with icemans beam etc… This scrub can’t even do magic serious right, he just luanches and does random shit with the buttons. Oh and he never uses anyone but chip charicters. I nominate this scrub for # 1 scrub in the US. So what do you guys think of this badass combo? :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHA, I play iceman. Actually, Icy(proj), cable(anti-air), sent(ground).

Basic tactics: call Sent, jump over them(hopefully after a knockdown),,…
on hit… s.fp xx icebeam
on block…link,, s.fp xx icebeam(or put your ice fist on)

He only has one air combo…c. hk(launch), sj.lp,, sj.lp, xx arctic attack. You can always DHC the arctic attack to ground hyper viper beam for the kill. Plus it leaves hella time for Cable to guardbreak. Do not DHC from ground hyper viper to Sent drones, it will whiff.

Basically iceman tries to block resets, run away, and chip.

Not to mention, when Sent is point, and iceman is alive…you’re dead.

Sent does (c.hp + call iceman) xx rocket punch xx super. lather rinse repeat. With 5 bars, you get to do it 6 times, and it’s about 80% chip damage. LETHAL!!!