New idea for a Capcom fighting game(rated Mature): Chaos Blood


I came up with a new idea for a fighting game that would be perfect for Capcom, and net them loads of money. Remember how Darkstalkers took place in Makai, and you had demons like Morrigan and Q Bee and stuff like Felicia and such? Well, instead of wasting time with some DS sequel, what about a whole new series? Here is the plot I came up with so far:

There is much civil unrest in Hell, as many of the demon lords are fighting for supremacy, and the right to be Lucifer’s top general in the upcoming War on Heaven. Lucifer decides that as ruler, there is only one way to quell the unrest: Create a no holds barred martial arts tournament, where the candidates for his top general will fight to the death for the title of the Demon God General. Not only that, but it will also quell the populace and give them violent entertainment that they so desire.

The characters can be taken from inspiration from different demons, including from comics and manga. Here are some I have so far as ideas:
Demon Queen Galissian, Ruler of Pain
Demon Queen Kalidavanesker, Ruler of Darkness

Move over Morrigan, these two sexy demon ladies are hot and gonna take your throne! I wouldn’t mind getting raped by those two!

That’s right, Devilman/Amon!
Devilman’s arch enemy, Satan(Yes, THE Satan, and no, he and Lucifer are not the same being)

These are just a few of the demons who will appear in this game. Also appearing will be:

Vergil(that’s right, he’s back bitches!)
Berial(yes, Motaro was the first taurlike character in a fighter, this guy shall be the second)
Phantom(yes, he’s back too…)

Illidan Stormrage will be a hidden character, as well as…

Devil Jin…

They’ll both be bonus characters, Capcom can make a deal with both Blizzard and namco, and they’ll be DLC for the console verisions of the game. In return, Capcom will allow Blizzard and namco to use a character of theirs in one of their games(Ryu appearing in Tekken, and Hauzer appearing as a raidboss in World of Warcraft for instance…).

This game will be done in a 2.5d style like SF4(3d models on a 2d plane), but with different graphics, they’ll be done in a more unreal engine style. For an idea of how Capcom can make the characters look graphically, check these out:

No goofy shit, just straight up hardcore demonic realism. The game will also be extremely gory(moreso than any MK game) and even feature possible rape moves, making this a fighter for mature adults, and Capcom’s first foray into capturing the mature target audience of fighting game fans. This will also allow them to stick it to the assholes who are making a mockery of SF4 and SSF4 with that Strip fighter 4 hentai shit. Capcom can beat them at their own game. This is a game that would make Lucifer himself proud.


Dude, sounds wicked-cool!! For realz! But you really should put this on Gamefaqs. Capcom does their hiring from there. How do you think Ono (director of the greatestes, most awesomest game evar sf4!) got started? He was Ohnoes_22 on Gamefaqs. You won’t get anywhere posting it here. This site is just for news and tourneys. Hurry, before someone copies your idea and posts it as their own! You’re so money!

See mods: THIS is how we know who’s a noob. They do dumb shit like this.


you are really fucking dumb


no u


Considering people from Capcom actually check this forum and not lamefaqs, why the hell would I pitch an idea to them there? Do you pitch SF ideas over at Tekken Zaibatsu?

I think you’re just jealous you didn’t think of it first.


You’re right…that was insensitive and needlessly cruel. Bad rhio. Bad, bad Rhio. i edited. How’s that? is it esteem-building enough for ya?


Didn’t say shit about the game either, prolly cuz you can’t find anything wrong with it, so you just hatin. U mad bro?


(damn, the noob’s done his homework…I tried, guys)

Yeah, that MUST be the reason I express irritation of a thread of Gamefaqs caliber.


Well if you want we can discuss the gameplay. Are you interested in hearing about the Chaos Rape system, using the Rape Bar?


God damnit why won’t somebody just make a WWE fighting game? It should be 2d and flashy and shit.

Tentative roster:

John Cena (he’s a legend now, admit it)
Batista (casual fan favorite, akuma like)
Rey Mysterio (popular in among FG community)
Big Show

no divas. They all suck and I would rather see 100x other dudesthan play as Kelly Kelly.

100% serious post!


So is Steve Wilkos going to be in it?


no hogan, but batista and ortan? shame on you.

although really all I would care about is HBK.


Wow, this dude’s not even trying anymore.


At this point, I’m just gonna assume I got trolled, and write this one off. (seriously, though: Gamefaqs. You never know.)


Hogan works for TNA now. Although WWE may still have the rights to Mr. America, so they could use that.

Batista has been around long enough to belong in a game to appeal to this generation IMO. Orton is there because if this was a real WWE product he’d be in for sure. Plus I’m a huge mark for him.

Some more:

Gold Dust (for character variety, can’t have a bunch of samey looking wrestling trunks+buzz cuts
Bret Hart
Stone Cold (how could I forget!)
Mark Henry

I’m trying to keep this with the real WWE roster, and people who are have spent some considerable time with the company.


Troll thread locked.