New image from Disney's Wreck It Ralph includes Chun Li


We’ve seen Zangief, Kano, Bowser, and Robotnik. Here’s another shot with Zangief next to Chun Li. Dictator is in the background too. That might also be Sub-Zero in there.

Wreck it Ralph: Good, or Bad?

When Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat came out it eventually led to congressional hearings and ratings for video games. Now it’s a retro vehicle for a Disney kid movie. Anything can be made kid-friendly if you wait long enough I guess.

Movie looks stupid but it’s for kids to have fun with.


This will be extremely funny, or ridiculously stupid as hell.

I often find myself shrugging movies like this off because they almost refuse to pay homage to the various characters in some respectable way.

Could Disney just please give me another movie like The Emperor’s New Groove?


Sure kids will enjoy it (hopefully), but I think this movie is really geared towards oldschool gamers. Show me a kid who knows who Qbert is. With the route games have gone in the last 10 or so years, I doubt they’d even know who Chun-Li or Zangief are for that matter. If this movie was geared towards young kids, they’d be throwing Master Chief and that guy from COD with the skull painted on his helmet in there.

I LOL’d at the “Will NPC 4 food” sign.


had to be a snob and correct you.


Mortal Kombat’s gore was at the forefront of the congressional hearings, but SF2 was definitely part of the ‘violent video game’ controversy, as the most popular game that shared the same genre as MK. Remember that 16-bit detail was new back then, and fighting games underwent a renaissance with SF2. That was a lot of new stuff all at once and old people didn’t know how to handle it.

If Mortal Kombat is making a cameo… what kind of fanservice do you think you’re gonna see in a Disney movie? You like having your experiences homogenized? I don’t. It’s for kids, and retro fans (a different group from oldschool gamers who were there when they first came out). I guess dad will get a kick out of it here and there, but it’s hard to avoid patronizing ‘old-school gamers’ and maintain the target G rating.

Yeah I know I sound grumpy but seriously dude.


lol, that is a cool cameo. You know that someone is going to get shoryuken’d in the jaw, it happens all the time now, even in real life.


How is Chun-Li almost as tall as gief?


New Trailer:

Looks good. Lots of cameos.


for once ill be dragging my girl to see some pixar shit.


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No this movie is not aimed at old school gamers. The point of the game cameos in this movie is what animated films geared towards children have sought to do since their inception. Entertain the kids, but have a little something for the adults with them. This is a kids movie that some adults will have enough curiosity to watch by themselves, but the cameos are there to entertain the parents of the kids with them that played video games 20-30 years ago.


Scott Pilgrim was the tribute to old-school gamers that a G-rated Disney cartoon will never be. Doesn’t mean this won’t be a good movie on its own, but I’m not a fan of dishonest, incomplete or ‘post’ references.

I sound like a hater so I’ll quit.


looks good…I just wish it were pixar so I know it would be good.


nope, it’s regular disney animation studio. pixar only does one movie a year and this year it’s Brave


Where have I seen this before



I also agree but for a slightly different reason. I never got into this type of a genre. The outer shell might appeal to me, my friends, people in my generation, but when the core is targeted to kids, it ends up being a sappy cheesy shallow feel good. Maybe my friend and his daughter will see and enjoy it, but hell no would I ever watch this. And it’s like that with most if not all the films in this genre. “It’s got adult overtones” “It’s got jokes only adults would understand” is similar to these video game characters, maybe enough to give a reason for dad to take kids and try to get through a G rated movie. But like I said, I don’t have kids and I think this shit is wack. Sorry for the rant but I always wanted to get this off my chest ever since Shrek.

EDIT: Haven’t seen Scott Pilgrim and after reading angelpalm’s post, checked out the trailer, and that’s another film in another genre that I don’t care for.


Scott Pilgrim is a shallow feel good movie.


im a total sap, I love these kids movies
trailer actually got me amped to see it
and the last time I remember actually being excited to see a movie was Batman 89
these disney or pixar movies are the surest bet for money well spent in my case
get my girl, stuff some 40s in her purse, hit the theatre and snag the love seat (fatman seat)
sappy, poignant

1985 was dope


Not saying SP was a great movie (it was kinda irritating), but it was inspired directly from video game plotlines and tropes that pretty much all oldschool gamers could identify with. The references weren’t tongue-in-cheek or censored or dumbed-down. While I’m still skeptical about this movie, it’ll probably be more enjoyable (albeit filled with halfass references) than SP.


Their clearly baiting the fan base and are not fans themselves, little details like that don’t matter. Why is ryu hayabusa so skinny? I think I saw the guy from hitman as well.