New Images of NECA's 7" Street Fighter IV figures (Now in action poses)

The link only has pics for Ryu and Ken (Viper is suppose to be in the series too), but they look almost identical to how they look in the game. Pretty good job by NECA if you ask me. Might even dethrone SOTA’s Street Figther figs.

The site just updated with C.Viper image.

Update: Figures are said to be in the 7? scale, so they wont quite fit in with SOTAs Street Fighter line. A 3? pvc line is also rumored to be on the way.

Some new pictures of Ryu, Ken, and C.Viper in “action” poses.

Captured the my thoughts exactly.

Agreed, they’re not great at all, but they do scream SF4 to me. So meh. According to BBTS, they’re prototypes also, so the final sculpt may differ.

It also seems like there are less articulations than the SOTA ones, (Ryu probably can’t do the Hadoken pose yet again).

LMAO at Kens grin. That shits hilarious.

I want a Rufus figure!

They’ll probably re-work the face sculpts.

nice feet

    *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

looks like something robot chicken would use…

and here’s hoping to see a dictator figure :rock:

Are they final? Because the faces do look pretty hilarious.

Viper looks like she’s about to get ultra’d

Where were those figures when i was 6 :shake:

I’m stating the obvious here but they sure are horrible.

Wow, are they using the EGM screens from when the game was announced as a reference?

I don’t understand why this wasn’t given to Sota to do. I’d rather them expand their existing line with the SF 4 cast rather than starting over with Ryu, Ken and Chun like most of these companies do.

Because it takes SOTA 2 years to get anything out.

the expression on Ken’s face looks the same as the expression on Knuckles the Echidna when he grins

Just let McFarlane Toys handle all game-related figures.

Agreed and quoted for truth.

were they purposely going for the hulk look on that ryu one?

SOTA has proven they can’t do a single fucking thing right. For the last few years anyways. When the ownership/management of the company changed the company changed with it. SOTA sucks now.

Please God no. They did pretty good with Halo(I say pretty good because their wonky scale makes them out of scale with every other figure line in existence) but every other time they’ve done a video game they’ve fucked it up. Do I need to remind people of McFarlane’s Soul Calibur toys?

It’s downright horrifying.